Monday, August 16, 2004

Best Monday Morning grin...

--Catching up on my reading on Scott McClare's blog, I found this.

Ya gotta grin. :)

Where/when would you live?

Michael Gallaugher asks this question on his blog: "If you could pick where and when you could live your life...from Adam and Eve to today, where and when would you enjoy living life?"--Good question. Well, without a doubt, it would be in the United States of America. I totally enjoy the modern conveniences and technological advances we have in this age, but I yearn for a day when America was sweeter, more innocent and more Godfearing. So I guess I wish there was a way to combine the great things about the present, with the kinder and gentler spirit of, say, the turn of the 20th century.

I normally answer the Monday Madness questions on Monay, but found that I was too tired to come up with good answers today! Is that pathetic, or what?!?

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