Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A new home for the SchloMan


If you ever had the joy of hearing Mike Schlote, or "The SchloMan" as he's affectionately referred to, on the air here on 101qfl, you know what a wonderful experience it was.

It was my privilege to work on the air with Mike for several years. I loved his boundless energy, his terrific sense of humor, his unique ability to connect with the listener, and most of all, his passion for the Lord.

I was so sad when Mike left QFL a little less than a year ago, but he was positive that the Lord was calling him away. Today I received an e-mail from Mike, informing me that he will soon begin a job as morning man at WMCU-Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach, Florida.

I'm delighted for Mike and his precious family, and thrilled for their new beginning. I know Mike won't miss the cold northern winters, but it'll be interesting to see how such an avid Green Bay Packers fan and confirmed Wisconsin cheesehead will fare in Dolphin country!

Seriously, much love and best wishes to the Schlote family as they follow God's leading into a whole new arena. I have no doubt you'll be greatly used of God.

I also want to wish God's richest blessings on my co-worker for many years, Greg Saunders, who is also seeking God's will in a new area of ministry. Greg is a dear person and I pray the Lord's best for him and his family.

While I'm walking down memory lane, here's another pic...this one, below, is of (L to R) engineer Jon Burkholder, me, the SchloMan, and Greg Saunders. This was taken on the night of the Dove Awards in Nashville in April of 2003. That's the famed Ryman Auditorium you see behind us.

Radio stuff...

Rodney asked me what kind of new radio stuff I'm learning to do, saying he's a radio guy himself.

Well, for the first time in my career yesterday, I played DJ (I've always been a news/sidekick type.) But I did it the high-tech way. It's called "voice tracking," and it simply involves taping the intro's and outro's to songs on a computer, to be inserted between the songs later...thus making it sound like there's a real, live DJ in the studio when there really isn't.

Soon, all of the daytime air shifts on 101QFL will be manned by real, live people. But until then, I'm helping Chris Carmichael out by doing this voice tracking thingie. It's actually fairly simple stuff, but it's a whole new ball game for me.


Thanks to the few of you who responded to my plea for comments. It's good to know the comments feature is working, anyway!

*photo by Kevin Harvey of Photography by Harvey


Rodney Olsen said...

I already commented here but I think my internet connection dropped before it got saved.

How are you enjoying playing DJ?

We have an 'automation' system for our midnight to dawn shift. The announcers set the computer running, they then hear the last few seconds of the song they're about to back announce, they do their bit, then hit the button. The whole process is repeated until the shift is recorded. The 6 hour shift can be recorded in half to three quarters of an hour.

In a week or so I'll be heading back to 'radioland' with a 3 week fill in shift while one of the announcers is on holiday. When it happens I'll have to metnion it on my blog and you can listen in across the internet.

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