Friday, June 25, 2004

More on music and movies...

Just after I gave Barbra Streisand kudos for her appeal as an entertainer despite my disdain for her politics...she shows up in the news today. Seems Streisand sang at a big Hollywood elite fundraiser for John Kerry yesterday. She sang a version of "People" that contained a line about Donald Rumsfeld being "the spookiest person in the world." Hello??? Has she looked at Kerry lately??? looks like I'm not the only person who loves music and movies. My cousin Judy tells me: "...I concur with everything you said!
I love Over the Rainbow and wholeheartedly agree that it would have to rank numero uno. It's probably one of the first songs I ever sang around the
house. I love old movies -- especially the comedies with Cary Grant and
Katherine Hepburn. I wish I had my own DVD collection of all those movies.
I never seem to catch them at the right time when they are on cable."

It's amazing how, although Judy and I have never gotten to spend a lot of time together, our tastes and opinions are often so simpatico. I guess blood will tell.

My friend Aaron posted these comments: "While I'm tempted to list every song from 'The Music Man,' I'll stick with 'Ya Got Trouble,' which could only be sung by Robert Preston (Prof. Harold Hill), because that song reminds me of my fundamentalist upbringing.

"'I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow,' previously recorded by Dr. Ralph Stanley and the late Norman Blake, launched the Old Time Music revival when Dan Tyminski recorded it for 'O Brother, Where Art Thou.' The soundtrack was better than the movie.

"And no list would be complete without mentioning Nino Rota's unforgettable composition, 'The Godfather (Theme).'"

Joy chimed in: "Ditto Aaron on the soundtrack being better than the movie 'O Brother, Where Art Thou.' I like 'Big Rock Candy Mountain' on that one, just for fun.

"I'm not sure where else it's used, but I love the medley version of 'Over the Rainbow' that is used when the credits roll for 'Finding Forrester.' I believe it combines 'Over the Rainbow' with 'What a Wonderful World.'"

"On the list, I like 'Moon River' and 'The Way You Look Tonight.'"

I totally agree with your choices, Joy. And how could I have forgotten "O Brother Where Art Thou"? The soundtrack is AWESOME. But although Joy and Aaron didn't sound too crazy about the movie...and I certainly can't recommend it without does have some truly hilarious moments on it. "Do NOT seek the tray-sure!" :D

I could talk about music nonstop!

And speaking of movies...USA Today has a list today of the Top Ten movie villains of all time. See if you agree with their choices.


joydriven said...

I also like the one about going to the river to pray -- it would be so fun to sing that around a campfire or something with some people who know how to pick up the harmonies.

Anonymous said...

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