Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A cool summer...

I know summer officially began yesterday, but I start calling it summer as soon as school's out. And the deal is, it's been an extraodinarily cool season, temperature-wise, so far. For the past few days, we haven't had to turn our AC on, and the sleeping weather has been simply wonderful.

Today is a beautiful day in northern Illinois, with temps only expected to get up around 73. I can't wait to get out in it!

I took my daughter to a tanning place yesterday to get her fourth spray of Mystic Tan. Yep, they spray the tan right on you. It takes just minutes, is totally UV-free, and gives her a lovely glow...actually, I've been considering doing it myself.

Usually by now, we've hit the pool at least a few times...but quite honestly, it's only been hot enough for swimming a handful of days so far.

Still, I love summer...love the long days...love having Justin home...just love it. Despite the fact that the heat can get uncomfortable at times, it remains my favorite season.

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