Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving to the millions who read my blog!

OK, OK, it's more like the ten people who read it. :) Seriously, though...I really do have a lot to be thankful for. Not the least of which is my dear husband and precious children.

And I'm not just generally thankful to fate, destiny, or some unidentified force. My thanks goes to God, the almighty and powerful creator of the universe, who for inexplicable reasons chooses to seek a personal relationship with love me in spite of my innumerable faults and failings. Amazing, humbling and awe-inspiring.

Oh, yes, I'd say "thanks" are definitely in order.

My daughter is a Grobanite

No, she hasn't joined some freaky cult. She is a fan of Josh Groban, a young man with an heart-meltingly beautiful voice.

Lately, I've been falling asleep to the melodious sounds of Groban's voice coming from my daughter's CD player in her room. Let me tell you, there are much worse things to fall asleep to. Groban has a classically trained voice, and he wraps it beautifully around real songs, often in Italian. Some of his songs, like "The Prayer" and "You Raise Me Up," have definite spiritual overtones.

Critics are giving lukewarm reviews to his latest CD, Closer . The top complaints seem to be what they view as the overly-lush orchestration and overly-sentimental lyrics (People Magazine even hinted he should stick to Italian). People's critic also said Closer is a CD only Grobanites will love.

Guess that makes me a Grobanite, too. :)

I still love Groban's debut CD. And I'm pleased that Elizabeth is developing a discerning ear when it comes to music.

And speaking of music, and young prodigies, check this young man out...

interviewed Nicholas Jonas on Radio 91 yesterday. This remarkable 11-year-old not only has a great voice, but loves Jesus, has a heart for others, and writes a lot of his own songs! Wow!

Click here to hear a sample of Nicholas' song, Joy to the World/A Christmas Prayer.

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