Thursday, November 20, 2003

I love Justin!

When we realized that it just wasn't going to be financially feasible for my 20-year-old son Justin to go back to Cedarville University this fall, I was disappointed for him. He was all set to begin his junior year as an accounting major. He really enjoys Cedarville and has made a lot of friends there. Our older son Jonathan is a 2002 graduate of the school, which is a Chrisitan liberal arts college with a wonderful spirit.

Wonderful though it is, Cedarville is also very expensive. And Justin had some bumps in the road of his employment situation over the summer. The result: just not enough bucks to get back into school.

The news isn't all bad, appears he will still be on track to graduate with his class when he goes back in January. And the Lord has graciously provided the financial means for him to go back. I'm thrilled for him, but another part of me is sad.

You see, I LOVE having Justin around. With his sense of humor and "joie de vivre," he injects a major shot of fun and happiness into our household. He gives Elizabeth a hard time, and sometimes they rough-house together like they did when they were little. I'll hear Liz screaming with laughter while Justin "terrorizes" her...but she's crazy about him.

He's working in the deli at Wal-Mart, and his hours are varied, so I end up getting to spend quite a bit of time with him.
And I know I'm going to miss him dreadfully when he goes back to school.

I think it's been great for Doug, too. He has a companion to watch and discuss sports with...Justin is as big a sports fan as his father. And, Justin is the child, out of all my three, who is most like his father in so many ways. Sensible, capable, logical, but also blessed with a great sense of humor.

Let's face it, I'm crazy about all my children, equally. But I am so grateful for these few months with Justin around. As He so often does, God took something negative--a delay in Justin's college education--into a gift: some quality time with my baby boy.

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