Monday, November 17, 2003

My heart hurts when I hear news... the news about the collision of the two Black Hawk helicopters in Iraq over the weekend.

I am a conservative, and I support President Bush, and I understand the need for the United States to get tough against terrorism. That a mother of two young men and the sister of a young man who served in the Gulf heart hurts every time I hear the news of even one more young life lost in Iraq.

While I long for a world where mothers would never have to bury their beautiful sons and daughters, I tend to believe that--as the Imperials used to sing--"There will never be any peace until God is seated at the conference table."

President Bush says he spent time in prayer over the weekend at Camp David, for the troops in harm's way and for their families. May we all join him in that prayer.

I had a wonderful time with my daughter on Saturday!

Elizabeth and I had some great one-on-one girly time together on Saturday. :)

First, I took her to get her hair cut and highlighted. We go to the home of a woman named Lori, who has a little salon in her basement. The prices are very reasonable, and she does a terrific job. Liz got blonde highlights, which look beautiful with her Swedish-girl complexion and blue eyes. And she went for a change that might seem minor, but gave her an entirely new look: bangs. From there it was on to the a regular salon where she gets her eyebrows waxed.

Of course, I'm totally biased, but she looks absolutely beautiful.

The eyebrow waxing is always fun, because Genevieve is a Christian and a faithful listener to the radio station. The salon is a day spa that has all kinds of beauty services, including hair, makeup, massage therapy, facials, you name it...but it's not snooty like a lot of the day spa's I've encountered.

The atmosphere is really neat, though. It's in an old Victorian house that used to be part of the now-defunct Victorian Village shopping area near the downtown part of our city. Genevieve leads you up to a room that she has tastefully decorated with purple touches. Soft harp-like music is playing, lending an air of tranquil serenity. Elizabeth lies down on a special couch, and Genevieve begins to do her magic. Liz always emerges with movie-star-gorgeous eyebrows.

I've often wanted to have it done myself, but the truth is, I'm not sure if I have enough eyebrows to work with! I do pretty well on my own just by regular plucking of strays. Maybe someday...

I also have a free facial coming to me from Genevieve that I haven't taken advantage of yet. I'm thinking of saving it for the stress-filled holidays.

When she was finished, Gen persuaded Liz to let her put some lipstick on her and have her kiss an index card for a "Hot Lips" contest the spa is having. Normally Elizabeth wears just a touch of gloss, but she looked gorgeous and glowing with a berry color. I was bowled over at my daughter's beauty, but as soon as we got into the car she rubbed the lipstick off: "That was just too much, Mom!" was just a lot of fun having this mother-daughter time together. Another reason I thank God for blessing me with a daughter along with the two boys.

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