Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Thank the Lord for a great husband!

I got a ticket last night.

Shoot, I HATE that know the one when you're hit with the realization that the flashing red and blue lights behind you are intended for you.

The scary thing is, I was clueless. My daughter and I were on our way home from her guitar lesson. It had been a twenty-minute drive in dense fog, so I was a little unsettled and creeped out from that....but that doesn't explain why I completely blew by a stop sign just a few blocks from my house. A stop sign that I see, and observe the formality of stopping at, pretty much every day of my life!

So unaware was I that I had transgressed the law, that when I saw the flashing lights I thought, "Oh, it must be an ambulance..." (a common occurrence because we live near a major local hospital.) But, nope, it was for me.

75 dollars! Of course, I didn't have to pay it at once, but there it is, hanging over my head. I was really dreading telling my husband. I had already been formulating how I was going to tell him that I went to Target to "pick up a few things" and ended up buying a skirt for myself and one for Elizabeth. (But, hey! Mine is an Isaac Mizrahi denim skirt on sale half-price at 12.48, and Liz's was only 4.98! It would have been a crime not to buy them, right? :)

Doug was so sweet about the ticket, though. And he even liked the skirt. We ended up snuggling on the sofa watching TV for the rest of the evening, with me thanking God once again for a kind and loving husband. Not saying he never gets horked off at me (and justifiably so at times)...but it sure was nice to given a hug instead of a reprimand.

Sheesh, why on earth did I run that stop sign????


Speaking of Liz's guitar lesson...

Sometimes it's a sheer pleasure just to listen in.

Elizabeth's guitar teacher, Jerry Jacobs, is a marvel. Jerry is in an oldies band called "The Missing Links" that wins all kinds of awards locally, and a more talented guitarist you would be hard pressed to find. I still usually accompany Liz to her lessons, since she doesn't yet have her driver's license.

Last night I was treated to a lovely duet of "What Child Is This?" with Elizabeth playing her acoustic guitar and Jerry accompanying her on his electric one. Gorgeous! Then, Jerry pulled out his harmonica and accompanied her with that on a blues number. And let me tell you, Jerry can play that harmonica!

It's pretty cool when you take your child to a music lesson and end up getting treated to ear candy.

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