Friday, October 31, 2003

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Seeing Mark Lowry tonight!

The station is sponsoring a concert of the Christian funnyman/singer tonight, and I'm helping with the product table. Mark's stuff has been increasingly funny lately, IMHO. Unfortunately, I think a lot of Christian comedians are really lame, but I recently saw Mark's "Remotely Controlled" video (I know, it's kind of old now), and some of the stuff was guffaw-inducing. Not to mention, the guy can sing, and he's the co-author of one of the prettiest Christmas songs to come down the pike in years: "Mary, Did You Know?" Mark has secured his musical legacy with that song.

I interview a Christmas carol expert every Christmas season, and he once told me that of all the newer Christmas songs, "Mary, Did You Know?" has probably the best shot at becoming a classic.

Another beautiful Christmas song (not by Mark Lowry) is "Strange Way to Save the World," by 4Him. In fact, their entire Christmas album is a far as I'm concerned, Christmas wouldn't be the same without it!

Last year I put a whole thing about my favorite Christmas music on my website. I'm planning to do that again this season.

Why am I thinking about Christmas music right now? Oh yeah...Mark Lowry..."Mary, Did You Know?"...and maybe it's cuz my sister Beverly called me today and told me there are TWENTY INCHES OF SNOW ON THE GROUND in Casper, Wyoming where she lives!

Shoot, it's just too early for such a big snow!

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