Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I'm sleepy...

Today is a perfect day to snuggle up with a good book and a cup of Earl Grey. Trouble is, I'm not reading a book right now...I'm fresh out of books. I really hate that feeling. And I'm spoiled, because I get most of my books for free.

Speaking of that, I wasn't able to start the 40 Days of Purpose yesterday, because First Assembly was completely OUT of the "Purpose Driven Life" books. My only option is to obtain a copy on my own. Apparently they have them at Sam's Club for a reasonable price. Our engineer, Jon, asked if I would like him to pick a copy up for me when he buys his own...I said yes, but I don't know if he did so yet.

I spent seemingly forever at the doctor's office with Justin yesterday. He has an ear infection, poor thing. Even the fact that he is a fully-grown 20-year-old doesn't lessen my maternal concern and empathy for my sick "baby." :) The doc prescribed amoxycillin, and I do believe the worst of Justin's feeling bad is over.


What is UP with the lack of reading material at the doctor's office? At least, the lack of female-oriented reading material? I had to scavenge to come up with one Redbook, one Seventeen and one People, while there was a plethora of Golf Digests, Sports Illustrateds, Esquires and Auto Weeks. Go figure...

Doug and Elizabeth were on a field trip to Chicago, so I spent the evening watching "View from the Top." It's the Gwyneth Paltrow one where she's a flight attendant. It was mildly entertaining and pleasant.

Apparently, they had a wonderful time in Chicago...went up the Hancock Center, were interviewed briefly on WGN Radio, etc. I do LOVE that city!

Speaking of Chicago...

I have a date with the Cubs tonight!

I have this strange mixture of excitement and uneasiness. I'm new to this Cub-fan condition...hard to believe my husband has felt this way for over 40 years!

There was an interesting article in the local paper today about Wrigley Field. AP's Don Babwin writes:

"Wrigley Field may also have the most famous wall this side of China. Since the ivy on it was planted in the 1930s, it has come to life every spring, coinciding with the optimism of Cubs fans. Then, like the hopes of the fans, it withers and dies every fall.

"One thing announcers are sure to mention today is that the ivy is red and its leaves are dying--a reminder, perhaps, that even the field itself wasn't ready for the Cubs to be playing this long."

Did you know that Wrigley Field, built in 1914, is the second oldest baseball stadium? The oldest is...

Boston's Fenway Park, built in 1912.

Love the Friendly Confines! :)

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