Thursday, October 16, 2003

It was an enjoyable ride...

Sure, I'm disappointed that the Cubs lost last night. But the world kept turning; the sun rose this morning, and life is soldiering on. People in New York are mourning the loss of loved ones in a ferry accident. I'm not going to let a baseball game rob me of my joy in living!

One thing did happen this baseball season that I had not anticipated...I became a true Cubs fan. Something tells me that when the ivy starts to turn green next spring, hope will be re-born in my newly-Cubs-fan heart, just as it will in the heart of my die-hard Cubs fan husband's.

In the meantime, y'know what? I'm kinda tired of baseball!!! :O

Serendipity is breakfast...

...when you didn't know you were getting any.

I did a quick scan of my kitchen this morning, wondering if there was anything I could take to work to serve as breakfast. Nothing, except Wonder Bread, which although wonderfully fresh and soft, I do not view as particularly healthy and filling. (Give me brown bread so thick and dense you could use it as a paperweight.)

So I was going to content myself with a few Hershey's kisses (yeah, real healthy) and my usual morning coffee at the station.

Then a listener shows up with biscuits-n-gravy and a huge carafe of hazelnut cream coffee! Ahhhh....thank-you, Dawn. That was wonderful!

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