Friday, October 10, 2003

OK, the Harvest Time Sharathon is over. It's the three days every year when the radio station pretty much puts its hand out and asks its listeners for money. My former colleague, Mike Schlote (the SchloMan...who I miss like crazy, btw), used to call it the "Beg-a-thon." :)

Be that as it may, hundreds of listeners do open up their hearts and pocket books and pledge financial support...and most come through with it, too. I am always humbled every year by the feedback I get from listeners who say I actually make a difference in their lives! That amazes, and as I said, humbles me greatly. It also impresses on me the need to be careful about what I say on the air. I never know who is listening and how my words are going to affect them.

Anyway, what a BUSY week, and I'm so glad it's Friday! Saturday is the one morning of the week that I usually DON'T set an alarm. What bliss to just sleep till I wake up! I've got some Starbucks coffee that I will make in my own little mini-Mr. Coffee (no one else in my family drinks coffee), add some Sweet'n Low and yummy creamer, and hopefully my Saturday will begin in style.

BTW, they finally opened a free-standing Starbucks in my town. Before, there was only one in the Barnes and Noble and Marshall Field's. Actually, I will probably still favor the Barnes and Noble one. Doug and I like to go there after a dinner out (usually at Chili's), and leisurely read magazines while we sip our favored flavor-du-jour. In the summer, it was frappacinos...caramel for me, and chocolate malt for Doug. (He's not a coffee drinker, but he does like fraps). The coffee at Starbucks is actually a bit too strong for me, but I can make it to my liking at home.

In a pinch though, it's hard to beat the cappucino at your friendly neighborhood gas station. "Pumpkin Spice" is quite wonderful!

Justin has completed his first week of the overnight shift at WallyWorld (Wal-Mart, in case you were wondering.) He actually likes it fine. He is working in the deli, and does a lot of cleaning. Is having no problem at all with the hours. We're all just hoping he'll be able to make enough money to allow him to go back to Cedarville next semester. The way he has it figured, he will still be able to graduate with his class in 2005.

Ahhh...and the Cubs play tonight! I'm SUCH a fairweather fan...unlike Doug, who has faithfully supported them through the most dismal of seasons. But I'm really caring about them now--and frankly, I don't NEED this in my life. Being a Cubs fan. I have enough problems!

Oh well...GO CUBS!!!!!!!

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