Monday, October 13, 2003

Cubs Fever Continuing Unabated

Well, I didn't get to watch the Cubs game last night because of Sunday night church service, but after hearing the outcome, I was fine with that.

What I'm having a hard time getting used to is my new status as a bonafide (albeit not die-hard...I certainly haven't earned THAT title) Cubs fan.

Yep, I've caught the fever. It's funny, because for the past 25 years, the Cubs have been pretty much background noise in my life from April through September. Sure, I pulled for them because Doug loves them, (as do my sons,) but it didn't really matter to me. I was not emotionally involved in whether they won or fact, I had come to accept the fact that more often than not, they would probably not be winning.

But now, I care. I really care! What's going on here???

Not only that, but I'm finding myself intrigued and fascinated by some of the players and various aspects of the game.

Take, for example, pitchers. Pitchers are fascinating, because most of them have very individual styles as they face the batter and catcher. There's Mark Prior, with his serious, focused intensity. Kyle Farnsworth, with his ever-parted lips and questioning glance...and Matt Clement, with his squinting concentration. Just to name a few.

I have my definite favorites now, too. I love Kenny Lofton, Aramis Ramirez. Alex Gonzalez and Randall Simon. I think Eric Karros is real easy on the eyes, and we share the fact that we both have Greek heritage. And of course, who can not like Sammy Sosa and Kerry Wood?

I find myself looking forward eagerly to tomorrow night, when the Cubbies return to the "friendly confines" of Wrigley Field. If at all possible, I will be glued to the television set, and if they should win, I will be elated...though admittedly, maybe not quite as elated as my husband, who has been faithful to his team through over forty years of disappointment.

The question is, is this the beginning of a real relationship with the Cubs, or do I just have a really big infatuation for them? Time will tell, I suppose...

Therapeutic Massage

Well, on Thursday I was the delighted recipient of my very first therapeutic massage. Boy, can I highly recommend this!

I had mentioned to one of our radio station's sponsors, Dr. Heit (a chiropractor) that I have been having persistent pain in my right neck and shoulder. He offered me some free massages from his massage therapist, a certified miracle worker named Kimberly. Yes, naturally-modest me felt a little funny at first, lying on that table partially clad. But any such feelings were short-lived. I just surrendered to the incredibly wonderful feelings.

Yes, there was a little discomfort at times, but it was well worth it.

I now have an appointment with Dr. Heit for X-rays. Seems I may need "adjusting." That's fine with me, if I can just get rid of the pain, which has become a real annoyance.

40 Days of Purpose

We, as a radio station staff, are supposed to begin "40 Days of Purpose" today. It's a 40-day devotional based on Rick Warren's book, "The Purpose-Driven Life." Trouble is, I didn't get my book because I wasn't able to attend the kick-off at First Assembly on Saturday night.

I had really been looking forward to this. We are going to be meeting regularly and viewing Rick Warren video's in tandem with reading the book...but I've got to get hold of the book somehow.

Gorgeous Fall Color

Did I mention how breathtakingly beautiful the fall colors are right now? Right in front of the radio station, there are three red maples that are ablaze with color. I was truly moved while driving around this weekend. God, thank you for doing that...making those colors so gorgeous. You didn't have to do that! But I'm enjoying it to the fullest. :)

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