Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A few observations about last night's "Biggest Loser"

1. I'm very sad to see Dan go, but if we can judge by the follow-up at the end, he has what it takes to continue his weight loss journey. I truly hope so. I don't have high hopes for Dave, though, and I'm almost as annoyed with him as Tara was!

2. I agree with Sam Barrington that Tara would make a great employee. She's the kind of competitor that my husband, a basketball coach, dreams about...and she also seems to have a great heart. I love how she encourages her fellow team-mates.

3. Kudos to Joelle for the radical change in attitude that I honestly didn't think she was capable of! I hope it continues.

4. The musical soundtrack to the show is getting way out of hand. When Jillian was encouraging Dan on the treadmill, the music reached raucous proportions! I expected a choir to start screeching "O Fortuna" at the top of their lungs any minute. We don't need extremely loud, overly dramatic music for every dramatic moment!

5. The show made me cry again last night. When Blaine went home for the birth of his baby, I teared up bigtime.

6. Why does Dane never talk to the camera? We know he can talk...he talks to other people on the show. So why is he never interviewed? It's a mystery.

7. Kurt Warner is handsome.

All in all, a pretty good episode! If you're BL fan, tell me what you thought.

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