Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Biggest Loser tugged at the heartstrings last night

As annoyed as I with with Biggest Loser last week for sending nine players home to lose weight on their own--with the promise of maybe getting to come back to the ranch in 30 days--I saw strong glimpses last night of what makes the show worth watching.

First, the negative...

I can't say I blame normally sweet trainer Bob for losing a grip over the very annoying Joelle and her non-participation. However, I wish both Bob and Jillian would clean up the potty-mouths. Even with bleeps a-plenty, it got offensive. That said, Joelle was incredibly annoying.

Still, she doesn't even begin to approach the unlikability factor of which last season's Vicky was the undisputed champion.

That said...

Yep, the show tugged at the heartstings last night. I saw contestants put thoughts of "game play" aside to give a hand to other contestants. Like when the team-mates of the over 400-pound teenager, Dan, helped him make it up a steep hill. Their very real kindness was heartening.

When the 63-year-old Jerry realized, at weigh-in time, that he was in danger of being eliminated, I'm pretty sure there were sniffles all across America. He just broke my he did Jillian's and even Alison Sweeney's, who was dabbing away tears.

Still, the players showed heart when they sent Jerry home instead of the teen-aged Dan. They reasoned--rightly--that Jerry would be able to continue losing weight at home, whereas Dan might not.

The follow-up video did indeed show that Jerry has gone on to lose a total of 84 pounds. It looks like he and his wife, Estella, have a new lease on life.

It's pretty obvious that Dan simply HAS to stay on the show, as long as possible. I am so rooting for him to lose weight and turn his life around. He has really captured my heart.

As for Joelle. Yes, she's annoying and seems to be a slacker. Did she really think she could come on Biggest Loser and fake exercising? Also, she'll be responsible if her team-mate, Carla, doesn't make it back on the show--and frankly, Carla seems like a much more fun and entertaining person than Joelle.

I'm hoping the fact that she nearly got sent home will cause Joelle to change her attitude and rededicate herself to the task at hand--but judging from the previews, it doesn't look like that happened.

All in all, Biggest Loser seems to be returning to what made me like it in the first place. It's an inspiring story about changing yourself for the better.

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Ann-Marie said...

See! Fat people make the best reality show contestants, because our lives are already like a reality show being played out in front of us. Or maybe that's just me! :-)

I did watch The Biggest Loser premiere - I'll try to catch some more episodes and stay up with the recaps on TWOP. Thanks for your recaps, too!

Oh, and thanks for the congrats - it's truly a miracle to us!

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