Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Gospel Music Channel's Top 10 Albums of 2008

The Gospel Music Channel has announced its Top 10 Albums of 2008. Interestingly, even though I work in Christian radio, there are a few artists on the list that I've never heard. If you enjoy any of them, let me know in my comments!

Oh, and this note: The Gospel Music Channel is offering you the chance to win all 10 CDs here.

Mary Mary - The Sound (Columbia/Integrity)
From the site: "..this duo continually sets new standards for artistic greatness, and The Sound has only solidified their lead in that regard. "

21:03 - Total Attention (Verity)
From the site: "The songs carry spiritual messages geared towards youth, yet inspiring for all, and an attention-grabbing sound that embodies the project's fitting name. "

Deitrick Haddon - Revealed (Zomba)
From the site: "'s Haddon's artistry and creative skill that allow him to blend it all together in a cohesive mix that simply works. "

DecembeRadio - Satisfied (Slanted Records)
From the site: "...these wild guys (in playing contexts only) return with even more muscle than the first round, all the while holding firm to their faith. "

Fireflight - Unbreakable (Flicker)
From the site: "...the high-octane troupe is carving out a niche of its own thanks to explosive chord progressions and spirited sing-a-longs. "

Josh Wilson - Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup (Sparrow)
From the site: "In an age where substance tends to triumph over style, Josh Wilson offers up both in spades. With vivid, faith-centered imagery in his songwriting..."

Newworldson - Salvation Station (Inpop)
From the site: "...fusing the soul roots of Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, and Donnie Hathaway with unapologetic, spirit-filled lyrics, while simultaneously injecting a huge shot of fun.

Brandon Heath - What If We (Reunion Records)

From the site: "There's an urgency in Brandon Heath's music that causes the listener to examine the world and their faith through a more finely tuned lens.

Crabb Revival - Runaway Train (Daywind)
From the site: "Fueled by a great collection of songs penned by patriarch Gerald Crabb, Adam, and Zach, this album is the standout in 2008.
From the site:

Greater Vision - Not Alone (Daywind) --I blogged about hearing Greater Vision in concert here.
I agree with these comments from the site:
"Great harmonies and poignant, powerful lyrics have always been the backbone of Greater Vision's music ministry and it's those qualities that make Not Alone one of the best discs of the year in any genre. "
What are your favorite albums from 2008? Let me know in my comments section...


Sally Ferguson said...

Brandon Heath really got my attention this year. His song says, Give me Your eyes to see the world around me through Your perspective. A refreshing reminder!

Ganns said...

I'm surprised that Brooke Fraser didn't make this list, considering the success of "Shadowfeet." It's Album of the Year over at CCM Magazine.

My personal CCM album of the year is Ashmont Hill's self-titled debut. Powerful voices and heartfelt, if somewhat standard, lyrics make it one of my favorite acquisitions this year.

DK said...

Thanks for the list - Kristen's too. I saw her sing on the Today Show this week, then got involved in my day and promptly forgot all about it. I'm heading to Borders this evening.

Happy December!

Cindy Swanson said...

Ganns, I do love that Brooke Fraser song too. Very pretty.

This list is just the Gospel Music Channel's opinion. As we get closer to the end of the year, we're going to see all kinds of retrospectives with all different opinions...

I totally would have put Andrew Peterson's "Resurrection Letters Volume 2" on the list.

Tim and Vicky said...

Wow! Little do I know of these. Only Heath hit my recall function. :)

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