Monday, December 08, 2008

Chicago--City of the Year!

Kudos for one of my favorite cities

GQ Magazine has named Chicago "City of the Year."

I do love that city, but not so much for the reasons cited by GQ. From the Associated Press story:

Barack Obama's election as president, a yet-to-be built skyscraper and a Batman
GQ magazine says those are among the reasons it's picked Chicago as
its "City of the Year" for 2008.
GQ editor Sara Goldstein says Chicagoan
Obama's election is the most obvious reason.
But the magazine points to other
Chicagoans it says have changed the way the country does politics. That includes
Mayor Richard Daley and the president-to-be's chief strategist, David
GQ also cites Chicago's role as the backdrop in the latest Batman
movie, "The Dark Knight."
It calls the proposed 2,000-foot Chicago Spire the
next "American landmark" even though construction on the project has stopped
amid the economy downturn. If completed, it'd be North America's tallest

"Changed the way the country does politics"? Eeesh...I'm not so sure Chicago's politics are something to be proud of or emulated.

I happen to love the city because of all it has to offer culturally and its distinctive, exciting personality. It's just a really fun place to visit!


Ann-Marie said...

It's my favorite big city too, Cindy! Mostly because of my great college years spent in the downtown area. It will always hold a special place in my heart!

Randy said...


Chicago? Man, I didn't mind Rockford, but I hated Chicago. Well, we are all different. Whenever I made a drive back to Ohio I hated going through the loop on those Fridays. I'd much rather be in Dallas. When I visited Roland there some years back I loved it. I must be the only non-Texas person that loves Texas. If I was offered a job there, I'd be there in a second! Plus, I don't like cold weather. Northern Illinois is as far north as I ever plan to go. With that being said, I cannot imagine being in Alaska. Just a joke, but I think those that would go to Alaska should get a mental evaluation, ha.


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Cindy, I've been to Chicago quite a few times growing up and it is a really neat city!

Crazy as it sounds, I miss the weather up North at this time of year. However, come December 26, I am quite content with our temps here in Birmingham. :)

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