Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Where has "Newsies" been all my life?

...and some pics from my Labor Day weekend

Well, my kids left yesterday. (Imagine me with a very sad face.) I had the most wonderful time with my son, my daughter-in-law and my adorable 19-month-old grandson.

However, my daughter-in-law had encouraged my daughter Elizabeth and me to watch Newsies. Liz is a big Christian Bale fan, and I have to admit he's a pretty appealing actor.

I thoroughly enjoyed Newsies! Christian Bale, at the age of around 17 or 18, does a great job in a singing, dancing, tough-talking role. He plays the leader of a group of newsboys who decide to go on strike in turn-of-the-century Manhattan. It's fun and engaging. (As far as family-friendliness: I was a little surprised that despite being a Disney movie, it contains a few curse-words.)

Wonderful Labor Day weekend...

My long Labor Day Weekend (I took Friday and Tuesday off in addition to Labor Day) was wonderful! It was just so awesome to spend quality time with Jonathan, Daylyn and Payton. Here are a few pictures from our weekend.


Smilingsal said...

What a cute one he is!

Ann-Marie said...

Where have you been indeed! I'm kinda surprised Doug wasn't walking around singing all the Newsies songs when I was in high school. All the junior high/high school girls used to sing the entire Newsies soundtrack on the vans/buses on our way to sporting events. WE LOVED THAT MOVIE!!! I still have it (on DVD now) and watch it at least twice a year.

It's when I first fell in love with Christian Bale! Open the gates, and seize the day!

Juliet said...

What Labor Day fun you had with your family. Great photos.

Newsies is one movie Ann-Marie and I really enjoyed watching together.

Ashley said...

Thanks for posting more pics of Payton! He's so adorable! I know you had a great time with family around.

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