Friday, September 05, 2008

Blogging about blogging....

...a new meme on the subject of blogging

I made up the following meme to learn a little more about my fellow bloggers. I tried not to duplicate the questions from other blogging memes I’ve seen. This one seems to focus more on the social aspect of blogging, though I hadn’t originally intended it to have that emphasis — but “Why do you blog?” and “How did you get started?” went around often ages ago. But if you have never answered those question, feel free to do so!--Barbara at Stray Thoughts

Thanks, Barbara! Here I go:

How do you feel about being tagged for memes?

I really don't mind at all...but sometimes I'm so busy, it takes me a while to get around to doing them. Be patient with me! :)

Do you participate in any regular weekly memes? Which ones?

I used to do quite a few, but lately I try to hit "Thursday Thirteen" on a regular basis. Like Barbara, I see such memes as a way of reaching out to others who might not normally read my blog.

Have you found any bloggers that you began to read regularly after participating in a meme with them?

Definitely. Of course I can't think of them right now, but there are several that I've added to my Bloglines and blogroll because I so enjoyed their Thursday Thirteen posts.

Do you know of any readers who found you through a meme and became regular readers?

I'm not sure! If you found me through a meme and you're now a regular reader, will you let me know? Thanks!

Did you find any favorite blogs through comments or blogrolls on others’ blogs?

Again, definitely...quite a few, in fact.

Did you find any favorite blogs from someone else’s recommendation?

Wow...I'm sorry I'm not being more specific, but I know I've found favorite blogs that way.

If you comment on someone’s blog, do you expect a response? If so, do you prefer that response to come through an e-mail, a comment from them on the same post, or a a comment on your blog?

I don't expect a response, unless I'm asking a specific question.

Do you ever struggle with your blogging “voice”?

Not really. I decided quite some time ago that "Notes in the Key of Life" is my blog, and I'll write about anything that strikes my fancy. I can't worry too much about niche-marketing here! I'm a person of many interests and facets, and I think all of them are represented on this blog.

Are there certain types of blogs that attract you?

My favorite are those that combine really good writing with humor and spirituality, although I read many blogs that are one or the other. A great sense of humor goes a looong way with long as it's clean and family-friendly.

Are there certain types of blogs that repel you?

Definitely. I avoid blogs that feature obscenity, profanity, or pretty much any blog that doesn't pass my Phillipians 4:8 test. Also, if you're a constant downer, you're going to lose me.

What time of day do you usually blog?

It varies.

Do your family and friends know about your blog? Do they read it? Do they mind if you mention them? Do they suggest posts for it?

Yes, my friends and family know about my blog, and they all read it occasionally if not regularly. My hubby reads my blog pretty regularly. Hi, honey! (waving and blowing a kiss) (By the way, he's going to think that last line is corny :))

I can't remember if a friend or family member has suggested a post, but I think my husband likes it when I blog about our grandson, and he loves it when people comment about the baby.


Ann-Marie said...

I have to say yours is one of the first blogs I started reading, and somewhere along the line...I got hooked!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I would like to do this one. And I don't volunteer very often.

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