Thursday, September 04, 2008

13 Things to Tell You About

More link love and interesting tidbits! If you're busy cruising Thursday Thirteens, bookmark this page to come back and peruse at your leisure...

--Being a voice-over artist, I was sad to hear that the king of voice-over artists, Don LaFontaine, passed away. If you've ever heard a movie trailer, you've heard him. Just think of phrase, "In a world where..." uttered in a deep, gravelly, awesome voice. Here's a video about him.

--The name of the upcoming new "24" movie has been changed.

--Yet another obit: The animator who gave movement to Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and the other Peanuts characters has died. Bill Melendez was 91.

--Do you aspire to write Christian fiction? Here's a contest that might interest you.

--Speaking of Christian fiction, I had the privilege today of interviewing the wonderful Karen Kingsbury. I'll blog about it soon.

--The Xbox 360 is slashing its price.

--A Christian version of Guitar Hero will feature music from the likes of dcTalk, Flyleaf, David Crowder, 12 Stones and Casting Crowns.

--An interesting article about Sarah Palin.

--Apparently a lot of U2 fans like Obama, and vice versa.

--A New York woman has grown a six-foot-long zucchini!

--Well, I would never wear them, but someone has actually written an article in praise of ugly shoes.

--Barbara at Stray Thoughts features a great new meme about blogging. I plan to answer the questions soon.

--It's cool in Northern Illinois today! The high is expected to only be around 63.


Smilingsal said...

I enjoyed reading the new meme.

Solameanie said...

The U2 thing doesn't surprise me very much. If anything was representative of Emergent Church style Christianity, they are.

Handing out condoms at their concerts some years ago began to shred any credibility they had with me, despite Bono's "evangelical" reputation. Further discovering his pretty severe potty mouth bugged me even more.

Ann-Marie said...

I love this weather SOOOOO much. If it stayed in the 60's all year long - I'd be a happy camper! Well, if I camped, that is.

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