Friday, September 26, 2008

Will we see what you're saying?

Remember I told you not long ago that Linda of 2nd Cup of Coffee is hosting a video blogging event? It's called I See What You're Saying. On September 30th, you simply video your blog post. Linda even explains how to do it here.

Well, it looks like Gayle of The Westie Crew is one jump ahead...and she's set the standard for the rest of us! Check it out...

Isn't she adorable?

Anyway, I'm hoping to participate (I'm not sure if I have all the proper doohickeys with which to do so.)

Right now I'm zonked from three-days of intense fundraising for the radio station I work for, 101QFL. So excuse me while I finish my work and get ready for the most important business of the afternoon...A NAP.

Happy weekend, everybody!


Ann-Marie said...

I hope you raised a lot of money! It's a great cause.

Randy Spradlin said...


Gayle has a great personality. However, she seemed a bit wired. Ha. Maybe too much caffiene. I thought her segment was rather cute.

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog about "letting go." I had to deal with something from my past recently, hence the title.

I'm trying to blog more. I have enough material but finding the time to do it has been tough lately.

Again, much thanks for commenting.

Be well,


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