Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thirteen Things to Tell You About

As always, if you're flitting from Thursday Thirteen to Thursday Thirteen, bookmark this page and come back to pursue the links that interest you!

1. The "Lost" Season 4 finale begins tonight! The bummer: we won't get to see the last two hours of the finale until 2 weeks from now. If you can't wait until tonight, here's a few sneak peeks.

2. Sadly, while driving from Texas to Illinois last weekend, my husband and son came upon the wreck that claimed the life of gospel music legend Dottie Rambo. Now, Christian Newswire reports that what is believed to be the last interview with Dottie will air on the Gospel Music Channel.

3. Here's a video of Sandi Patty singing one of my favorite Dottie Rambo songs, "We Shall Behold Him." (That's Dottie herself in the background, obviously being blown away by Sandi's rendition.)

4. Men's Health recently highlighted the most unhealthy food in America.

5. Men's Fitness has named the 25 Fittest Guys in America--they say Tiger Woods tops the list, which also includes a certain presidential candidate.

6. I guess this is one way to beat those high gas prices!

7. Google has passed up Yahoo to become America's most popular website.

8. USA Today likes Prince Caspian.

9. Good News interviews C. S. Lewis stepson' Douglas Gresham about Caspian and related matters, and also talks with Gresham.

10. Happy 60th birthday, Israel!

11. UPDATE!!! (5/21/08) Thanks so much to Bonnie Bruno of MacroMoments for alerting me to the fact that my link to a children's drawing site (that I had originally posted here) had turned into a nasty adult site. Yikes! that kind of thing ticks me off. :(

12. Interested in The Hobbit movie? You can take part in an online chat about it with producer Peter Jackson and director Guillermo del Toro.

13. I haven't experimented with it yet, but this website that bills itself as a "media playground" looks intriguing.


Nicole said...

Interesting list!

I love the website where the drawings "come to life'! How fun!

Happy TT! =)

pussreboots said...

Happy belated TT. Thanks for stopping by.

Juliet said...

Sorry about the death of Dottie Rambo. Was uplifted by Sandi Patty song. That will be a great day when we shall behold HIM.

Randy Spradlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Randy Spradlin said...


That's so sad about Dottie Rambo. I enjoyed her music for years. You were the one who also told me about Rich Mullins passing away years ago. I remember reading your letter and I was numb.

I remember listening and airing Dottie Rambo's releases years ago. I'll always be found of "For What Earthly Reason." An incredible song. She'll be missed.

Be well,


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