Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Around the blogosphere...

Here it is Tuesday, and I've had a really hard time scaring up energy to blog lately!

So I've decided to make a fly-round of the blogs on my bloglines feeds and tell you what some of them are up to. Here we go:

--Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee is talking about making good first impressions.

--Angela at A Life in Pages points us to an online vocabulary game that will help feed the world's poor.

--Debra of As I See It Now points us to some clothespin art.

--Darla of Beauty Inside and Out is asking for tips on keeping bunnies and deer out of her vegetable garden.

--Joe of The Evangelical Outpost doesn't think many homosexual man really want a monogamous marriage.

--Dave at Jollyblogger asks: "What are you afraid to say at church?"

--Linda of Mocha with Linda blogs about Lisa Samson's Embrace Me.

--Dena Dyer of Mother Inferior has an award-winning husband.

--Randy at Reflections in Life is remembering gospel music legend Dottie Rambo.

--Rodney Olsen posts a video from Haiti.

--Sherry of Semicolon says Prince Caspian is everywhere.

There you go...those are just a few. Maybe my own brain will feel a return to creativity at some point!

1 comment:

Randy Spradlin said...

Thanks for the mention about Dottie Rambo. Sometimes, though, I wonder why things happen the way they do. But, my trust is in the Lord and he knows best. Now, though, Dottie is at rest with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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