Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Be thankful for your big hips

...and other stuff to tell you

This is Word Out Wednesday, and I'm getting the word out about several different things today. Here we go...

--Apparently scientists are now saying that all fat on your body is not created equal.

--Steven Curtis Chapman's [pictured above] sentimental new song, "Cinderella," is about to come true in real life. According to Chapman's manager, Steven's daughter Emily got engaged over the weekend. Congratulations, Emily and Tanner!

--Christian singer Jeremy Camp is guest-starring on a new faith-based web TV series called "Tyler's Ride." From the website:

Created and produced by Paulist Productions, Tyler’s Ride is the latest in the growing world of Internet television. With general market hits like Quarterlife and Roommates, this expanding medium is becoming a launching point for writers and actors, showcasing new talent such as Tyler’s Ride lead actors Grant Alan and Natalie Wachen. Also featuring Christian music favorite, Jeremy Camp, in his acting debut, new episodes of the web series are posted each Tuesday, taking viewers into the life of Tyler, an aspiring musician, and his quest to follow his dreams.

The show is partnering with IndieHeaven, the leading Christian independent artist organization, to present Scene And Heard, a contest for independent songwriters around the world. Find out more here. July 31st is the deadline.

--Former Women of Faith speaker Thelma Wells is now on board with the Extraordinary Women conferences.

“Thelma brings a wealth of wisdom, humor, and the keen ability to communicate biblical truths out of a heart that understands the issues and challenges that women face everyday,” says Julie Clinton, president of the Extraordinary Women Association. “She has an instant connection with the audience.”

(If you'd like to participate in Word Out Wednesday, just blog about anything you want to get the word out about, and check in here.)

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wondermommy said...

Great WOW post! That is a lot of great information. Glad you are back!

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