Thursday, May 01, 2008

13 things to tell you about...

OK, apparently The Powers That Be at Thursday Thirteen want us to use their suggestions for a topic each week...but I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to do that very often! Today, as I often do, I offer you a list of a variety of links' n things. If you're busily cruising TT's, but you see something that sparks your interest, bookmark me and come back later!

1. Today is the National Day of Prayer. You may want to check out this page on "How Prayer Works" and this one for some great quotes about prayer. One of my favorites:

"Prayer is not overcoming God's reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness."
-- Martin Luther
2. Although she didn't always perform well or have an amazing voice, I'm sad to see Brooke White leave American Idol. And I guess I'm not the only one. Linda at Second Cup of Coffee links to an MSNBC story about how Carly Simon is a big Brooke White fan.

3. For fellow Lost fans: an interview with incredible actor Michael Emerson, who plays Ben Linus.

4. Al Mohler has some wise words about Grand Theft Auto IV.

5. Meantime, Mothers Against Drunk Driving is up in arms against Grand Theft Auto IV.

6. Author and blogger Katy McKenna Raymond has come up with a (tongue-in-cheek) creed that I can definitely get on board with! An instant classic, in my opinion.

7. More really awful and hilarious old school Christian album covers in Purgatorio's latest edition of Divine Vinyl.

8. A list of the 50 Most Influential US Political Pundits.

9. The serious problem of eating disorders, especially among young women and girls, is the target of the faith-based True Campaign. From the website:

The True Campaign exists to end the crisis of poor self image by
challenging cultural ideals about identity and beauty, so we can be free to
impact our world as God intended.

I just interviewed Constance Rhodes of the FINDINGbalance, which is co-sponsoring the True Campaign with Remuda Programs for Eating Disorders...will blog more about it later.

10. The Miley Cyrus thing is really frustrating for a lot of parents.

11. Meantime, Tyra Banks is defending Miley.

12. If you enjoyed my interview with singer/author Andrew Peterson, check out his team blog, The Rabbit Room.

13. I'm almost finished reading Jane Kirkpatrick's wonderful A Mending at the Edge. Check out more about Jane and her writings here.


Randilin said...

I read Al comments about GTA4 am not so sure I would personally call them wise. But are certainly better then many other comments I have heard made about it.

The Miley Cyrus thing is another great teaching tool for parents. You can use it to show how the media and political activists can blow things out of context

Homemom3 said...

Just clicked the link for the creed. Thanks. Oh I'm shocked by all the press on Miley but not surprised, even I blogged about it, not at this blog though. Happy TTing.

Anonymous said...

I'm frustrated that what seemed like the one and only "squeaky clean" girl left on Earth has posed the way she did. It makes me angry to see us sexualizing women at younger and younger ages every year. She's 15 years old!!! AAGH. I'd like to slap Tyra Banks.

Ann-Marie said...

Just goes to show you the best role models…aren’t usually found on television.

Personally, I think parents should look at Miley, have a sense of compassion, and say, “therefore but by the grace of God goes my own daughter.” She’s 15! How many stupid, stupid things did we all do at 15! Just imagine if WE’D been worth a billion dollars. I hope it blows over soon – for all our sakes.

Kristen said...

What a great list and I can't wait to go check out some of those links!

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