Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let It Snow!

When my daughter Elizabeth, my nephew Jeff and I got home from a basketball game last night, the snow was falling gorgeously (is that a word?), and I decided to take some pictures. Here are a couple...Elizabeth and me in the snow, and Jeff and Liz in the snow.

You know, it's a pain to get around in, but nothing puts you in the Christmas spirit more than a beautiful snowfall!


Lyric said...

I have "snow" on my tree... :) (There's a picture on my blog) But I admit that feelingn some snow on my face and throwing a snowball or two would be just delightful! Add a fireplace and I'd it would be a little heaven on earth... LOL

Juliet said...

Great pictures. By the way I just finished Let Them Eat there going to be a sequel. Dan just standing out there in the cold.

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