Friday, January 13, 2006

It's FRIDAY!!!!

Looking back on my blogging efforts since returning from vacation, I see that my posts have been pretty "fluffy." Nothing of very much substance or true import. Well, I'm afraid I'm going to continue that trend today, because it's Friday, and...well...because it's Friday!

One note in my defense. I'm still hanging on to a bronchial problem that started sometime in October or November. I did one round of antibiotics and that didn't take care of it, and I'm just now getting around to going back to the doctor (on Monday.) The ongoing cough, wheeze and generally not feeling great have drained me, and I seem unable to tackle anything substantial. Hopefully I'll get better at some point. (Do they still make Geritol? I feel like I need some sort of tonic...)

Anyway, for your reading pleasure, I offer my answers to today's Friday Feast. You know the drill: answer the questions here or on your own blog.

Name one chore you don't really mind doing.--Dusting. It's the instant-gratification household chore--one minute you see dust, the next you see shine. Plus, I love the smell of furniture polish.

How many times have you moved homes in your life?--Now, this one is going to take some thought. I may not even be aware of some of the moves of my I'll start with just the homes I can remember. Let's see:

--two in Hobbs, New Mexico
--two in Springfield, Missouri
--two in Beirut, Lebanon
--one in Odessa, Texas
--one in Vidor, Texas
--one in Shreveport, Louisiana
--one in Houston, Texas
--one in Springfield, Missouri again
--one in El Paso, Texas
--one in Springfield, Missouri again
--six in Rockford, Illinois

Wow. No wonder I get restless if I live in one house for more than a few years!

How old were you when you had your very first kiss?--Sixteen. I hated it...really bad experience. (Fortunately, I eventually rebounded from it. :))

Main Course
What time of day do you usually feel your best?--Sadly, I can't pinpoint such a time! I guess it depends on if I got enough sleep the night before. In that case, probably around 7 in the morning.

Using three words or less, describe your current local weather.--Gray, drizzly and chilly.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

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