Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's Favorite TV Characters Day

My co-host, Darren Marlar, tells me this is "Favorite TV Characters Day." I'm sure I'm leaving out a lot of great ones that just didn't come to mind, but here's my list...in no particular order:

Mary Richards--The Mary Tyler Moore Show

played by Mary Tyler Moore
Oh yeah...I was glued to the TV set every Saturday night during the early to mid 70's. Not only was Mary's job in broadcast journalism something I aspired to; she was funny, self-deprecating, completely likable. And pretty. I loved to check out the show just to see what she was wearing.

Rob Petrie--The Dick Van Dyke Show

played by Dick Van Dyke
Dick (as Rob) had me at the first fall over the ottoman. Who couldn't like Rob Petrie?

Barney Fife--The Andy Griffith Show

played by Don Knotts
Just one of the funniest TV characters ever. "Nip it in the BUD!"

The Virginian--The Virginian

played by James Drury
My sister and I used to plop ourselves in front of the TV after school to watch re-runs of this TV western, which had the distinction of being a 90-minute TV drama (has there ever been another one that long?) and of having some of the best-looking guys on any TV show. The Virginian himself (his name was never revealed, that I know of--my sister and I referred to him as "Virgie Baby"), was one of the hottest--strong, silent, dark, mysterious, wise.

Jim Rockford--The Rockford Files

played by James Garner
Great character on a great show. Garner was at the height of his considerable good looks, and he was just cool and funny and extremely watchable.

Hawkeye Pierce--M*A*S*H

played by Alan Alda
Interestingly enough, M*A*S*H was never one of those shows I set out to watch. But if it was on, I had to marvel at Hawkeye's sarcastically funny lines. I still do to this day. That was some terrific writing, and Alda delivered those lines with the perfect blend of world-weary cynicism and irrepressible humor.

Bob Hartley--The First Bob Newhart Show

played by Bob Newhart
I never really got into the one where he ran an inn in Vermont. I loved Bob as the psychologist in Chicago...loved his wry, deadpan humor. Suzanne Pleshette as his wife Emily was terrific as well. So I thought it was great when the Vermont Bob woke up with Emily and realized that the Vermont series had all been a dream. Inspired! :)

Michael Bluth, Arrested Development

played by Jason Bateman
Poor Michael--always the victim of the shenanigans of his bizarre family. Jason Bateman made you root for him.

Thomas Magnum--Magnum P.I.

played by Tom Selleck
Like Jim Rockford, Magnum was a P.I. who didn't always do everything right and wasn't prone to a lot of gun-flashing. Also like Rockford, he was an extremely goodlooking guy who didn't let those good looks overwhelm the humor and likability of the character. Great show.

Jack Shepherd-Lost

played by Matthew Fox
I've come late to the "Lost" dance, having gotten hooked only in recent weeks by watching the first-season DVD's that were a birthday gift from my son to my husband. OK, so I'm not being very original by liking Dr. Jack... but it's hard not to like a character who is heroic and compassionate but still very human and appealing. A real "good guy." But I have to give an honorable mention to Josh Holloway as Sawyer. He does have some terrific lines.

So, who are YOUR favorites?

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