Tuesday, January 24, 2006

For Love of Whitney

Amy J. Van Horn/Rockford Register Star photo

"Unbroken Spirit"

The Rockford Register Star has an article today about a very special little girl.

9-year-old Whitney Fritz was born with several physical problems that have resulted in 20 surgeries in her short life. The most recent one, on January 9th, lasted nine hours. As the newspaper reports, the surgery was "an unsuccessful attempt to straighten a portion of her S-shaped spine by fusing it with a titanium rod."

I have the privilege of knowing Whitney and her family. Whitney is a student at the school where my husband is the principal, and her parents are in the adult Sunday school class my husband teaches.

Whitney and her family are an inspiration to me on so many levels. Few adults could go through what Whitney has had to deal with in the past nine years, yet she retains a remarkable faith, courage, and sweetness. Her mother, Starr, has dedicated her life to Whitney, and she is usually cheerful and optimistic.

However, this last surgery was really rough on the entire family. Starr requested prayer in Sunday School, because both Whitney and herself are down and blue. Whitney hasn't bounced back emotionally from this surgery as well as she has done in the past.

So, pray for Whitney and her family. And if you are a person who has a great deal of money and would like to help the family financially, please do so. Each of her surgeries costs thousands of dollars, and because they are experimental in nature, they're not covered by insurance. The financial toll is staggering, just adding to the emotional and physical toll on the family. If you can help, please e-mai cgreen@rrstar.com

Whitney Fritz is an extraordinary little girl. Please keep her in your prayers.

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