Thursday, January 12, 2006

Did you resolve to eat more healthfully in 2006?

A rap and a recipe

If trying shed some unwanted pounds is one of your New Year's goals, I have a poem for you AND what looks like a terrific recipe...thanks to my cousin, Kathy!

Here you go:

I Won't Go Back

I won't go back to the weight I used to be.
This the vow that I make and I I make it for me.
For the sexy, summer dress, sleeveless and sleek
I won't go back to the Krispy Kremes I'd sneak.
Marie Callendar, you can keep your old cheap fruity
'Cause I ain't going back to friction thighs.
For all the broken zippers and busted pants
I won't go back to cheesy burgers, and that's my
I'm no fool, where's the thrill in Almond Joy.
Those clever ads are just a clever ploy.
They want me to stuff my face, then stuff my jeans.
No way, no how, it's a despicable scene.
I've finally decided to face the fact
That those barbeque ribs I love, really don't love me
I'd much rather bask in a bikini than Baskin Robbins.
On the side of that rocky road you would usually find
me sobbing.
For all the sky-high cholesterol counts and tiring
treks up the stair.
I won't go back to buttered buns and artery-clogging
No not me, my health I won't forsake.
This is my temple I destroy with every fatty bite I
So that's it, I'm fed up, this is the last straw.
No more broccoli drizzled in cheese please, I'll
simply take it raw.
So on this day I make this vow,
That I'm going to change my life, here today, right

And here's the recipe:


8 OZ fat free cream cheese
1 20 OZ crushed pineapple in its own juice (use undrained)
1 large box of instant sugar free/fat free vanilla pudding
1 0Z chopped pecans
12 OZ fat free Cool Whip
1 low fat Graham Cracker crust
1/2 cup skim milk

Mix cream cheese, pineapple, milk and pudding. Add pecans. Fold in Cool Whip. Pour into crust and refrigerate.

1/8 of a pie=4 Weight Watchers points

Can't wait to try it!

Just talked with Deborah Bedford

I just had the pleasure of interviewing Christian fiction author Deborah Bedford. I hope to share more about this interview in the coming days!

Speaking of Christian fiction, Robin Lee Hatcher (guest-blogging for one of my very favorite bloggers, Katy Raymond) hops up on her soapbox to give some great encouragement to aspiring writers. Don't miss it.

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