Monday, July 11, 2005

My heartfelt congratulations... Miss O'Hara, who shares some good news on her blog today. Ah, yes...ain't love grand?

I've been reading Miss O's blog for quite a while now...ever since discovering it through Julie Anne Fidler's. Miss O has a refreshing, sparkling style, but she's not afraid to get tough and even irate when it's warranted. And boy, is she smart.

And speaking of Julie Anne Fidler, I've been trying to arrange an interview with her about her book, Adventures in Holy Matrimony.

Julie talks about how she and her husband dealt with disasters on several fronts that struck them almost the minute they got married. Still a young woman who hasn't been married for many years, Julie nevertheless fills this book with the common sense and practical advice that comes from having gone through adversity and lived to tell about it.

Appealingly reader-friendly, and marked by Julie's trademark candid transparency and breezy wit, the book is also rich with Biblical perspective and spiritual insight.

Engagement is rightfully--as I'm sure Miss O'Hara is experiencing right now--a time of heady elation and high romance. But I wouldn't hesitate to slip a copy of Julie's book in with a shower gift for a bride-to-be. While definitely not a downer, the message of "Adventures in Holy Matrimony" might be: yes, love and romance are fantastic, but sometimes things go wrong--even things totally beyond the control of either partners. In that case, don't despair: with God's help, some great advice and some hard work, marital love can survive, and be even stronger and more precious than before.

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