Monday, March 21, 2005

We saw "Da Coach"!

An evening at Iron Mike's Grille

What a great weekend! On Saturday afternoon, we (Doug, Liz and I) took our visiting teen-aged niece Katie into Chicago (via the el train from Cumberland.) Joining us was our nephew Ben, who lives here.

We managed to do some shopping, including at a Chicago sports apparel shop that was having a fantastic sale. Katie bought a Cubs T-shirt for her dad, and a Cubs hat for her brother.

We eventually headed over to Mike Ditka's restaurant for dinner. Doug and I have eaten there a few times and really enjoyed it.

As soon as we walked in, there was a buzz: "Ditka's HERE!"

Sure enough, "Da Coach" himself was holding court at a table upstairs, patiently signing autographs and posing for pictures. My husband was freaking out--he's been a Chicago Bears fan all his life. He ended up getting Ditka's autograph on an 8 by 10 glossy of the former Bears coach, and on a Cubs hat he had just bought. Katie and Ben both got stuff autographed, and Katie and Liz got their picture taken with Ditka.

It was a pretty exciting wrap-up to our little Chicago adventure. Man, I LOVE that city!!!

"We want to demystify blogging"

USA Today has an article today about "Inside the Blog," CNN's daily four minute show that's being called "the first daily segment on cable or network TV dedicated to people whose reporting and opinions appear on the Web."

The show actually debuted on February 14th.

It's good to see blogging getting some media attention...I've been pleased to note that one of my favorite bloggers, La Shawn Barber, has done at least a couple of TV interviews lately.

I hope bloggers will be treated fairly and will represent the blogosphere with class and dignity. I saw one of La Shawn's interviews, and she was terrific.

Too late for St. Patrick's Day, but isn't this cool?

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