Monday, March 28, 2005

Then Came Sunday

My husband's stepmom passed away on Good Friday after a long battle with Alzheimer's.

The fact that she had been largely unresponsive for quite some time, does not make this any less of a sad occasion for my father-in-law. The woman who was his beloved wife for thirty-three years is physically gone from this earth now.

Nevertheless, my father-in-law preached on the Resurrection yesterday. No doubt he gained strength and comfort from the glorious fact that Christ is risen, and because he is risen, we can all rejoice in the blessed hope of eternal life. My stepmother-in-law is whole and happy now, and we can also rejoice in that.

The choir sang Ron Hamilton's "Then Came Sunday" yesterday morning, and as I sang, I struggled with emotions. My father's death is still fresh and raw in my heart; I identify with my father-in-law's sadness because of my own mother's grief; and yet, my heart is powerfully touched by the sacrifice Christ made for me, and moved by His victory over sin and death.

Then came Sunday, and Jesus Christ arose
Crushing the enemy, conquering all his foes
Hallelujah! King Jesus has prevailed
Satan claimed the victory...
Then came Sunday

Thank God for Sunday!

One note: I helped my father-in-law write the obituary, and one of the things he wanted to include was a note of appreciation to the Northern Illinois Hospice Association, asking that donations be sent to the hospice association in lieu of flowers.

I too am an avid supporter of hospice, after the wonderful care my father received at the Christopher House in Austin. These organizations and the people who work with them are outstanding. What a wonderful and needed service they provide.

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