Monday, March 14, 2005

Hey, I'm proud of myself for blogging at all today!

I spent the bulk of the weekend moving from our old house to our new, what a gargantuan task! There is still quite a bit to be done at both houses. We are truly in a state of transition right now, but the new house is starting to feel like home, and the old house is at least a lot emptier than it was.

Also, I have company coming from Texas today, so we'll be heading into O'Hare this afternoon to pick up our very welcome guest. :)

As busy as I am, it's a minor miracle that I'm even blogging today, but I didn't want my little chirp in the blogosphere to be totally absent. So, hello! How's your Monday going?

Just a few things to share...

Fascinating hostage story...

One of the most fascinating people in the news today has to be Ashley Smith, who was taken hostage by the suspected gunman in Friday's courthouse shooting in Atlanta.

In interviews, Smith says she shared the Bible and a book that some reports say was Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life" with Brian Nichols during the hours he held her hostage in her apartment.

Law enforcement authorities are crediting Smith with keeping a cool head. Amazing.

Here's one report on the story.

Marlar in the Morning air check featured!

101QFL's Marlar in the Morning show, of which I am the co-host-slash-newschick, is the featured aircheck on right now.

If you'd like to hear some snippets of Darren Marlar and myself on the morning show, click here and scroll down to "Air Check Feature."

Diving into Whence Came a Prince...

Now when my husband catches me voraciously perusing Liz Curtis Higgs' Whence Came a Prince, I'll have a really good excuse for enjoying fiction instead of working! I'm reading the book---the third in Higgs' Scottish trilogy--in preparation for interviewing Liz later this week.

I've interviewed her before, but as always, I look forward to the privilege of talking with this warm, humorous, witty, godly lady. And I've enjoyed every one of her books so far. What a wonderful writer.

Update on my brother...

My brother, a Texas cop who is in Baghdad to train Iraqi cops, was in the very near vicinity of a suicide bombing last week. Understandably, he doesn't want me to relay details, but needless to say, it gave my family a real scare.

He sent me a link to a website that includes a terrorist-taped video of the bombing. It truly sickened me...not because of any carnage shown in detail (there is none)...but because of the sense of sheer evil that comes across in the taping of this event. The Allah that engenders that kind of madness is not the God I serve.

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