Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Joni Eareckson Tada finds the Terri Schiavo case frightening

As a quadriplegic woman, Joni Eareckson Tada says she finds the Terri Schiavo case frightening--especially after spending time in the hospital recently for pneumonia.

AP's Religion Roundup reports quotes Tada as saying she was dependent on others for food and water during her hospitalization.

Tada told AP: "She [Schiavo] is a disabled woman, much like me except perhaps with a more severe handicapping condition, and she is depending on others to provide to her food and water through that feeding tube... and in so doing her life will be safeguarded while her case can be exhaustively investigated. That's what we're praying for."

Tada has a statement on her website in support of keeping Schiavo alive "while her case is exhaustively investigated."

After a federal appeals court this morning rejected Schiavo's parents' request to have her feeding tube reinserted, her parents now say they'll take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A fascinating story of cult involvement...

I've been very impressed with Walking Circumspectly, the blog of a woman named Kristen. Kristen shows real knowledge and insight into Biblical and spiritual issues.

Today she shares her story of being involved in a cult while a college student. Fascinating testimony.

One of the paragraphs that caught my attention: "I began to notice how very tired many of the brothers and sisters were--they faked an energy and enthusiasm that, for some of them, was strained. They rose very early to meet or pray, and were required to stay up late evangelizing or fellowshipping. There was a drive to all of it that was exciting...but it wasn't the Holy Spirit."

No matter how tireless our zeal in doing the Lord's work, it will all be for nothing if it isn't sanctioned and fueled by the Holy Spirit. And I'm concerned about churches that have unhealthy and unbalanced demands on their members' time.

The Bible tells us not to be weary in well-doing, and there's no doubt that many hours of life are wasted on worthless and frivolous pursuits. That said, I have difficulty believing that the Lord would approve of families suffering because of devotion to the ministry.

Just my thoughts.

In other news...

I am in the middle of Liz Curtis Higgs' Whence Came a Prince, and folks, this is one good book! I'm looking forward to interviewing Liz in the next week or so.

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