Wednesday, September 08, 2004

We're not dissing Yellow Springs!

Nestled in a scenic nook of southwestern Ohio, very near Cedarville University where my son attends college, is the charming and quaint little village of Yellow Springs.

The first time I saw Yellow Springs I was delighted, and I've enjoyed driving through it many times since, although I don't think we've ever actually stopped and had a look around.

Well, this morning I got an e-mail from an artist in Yellow Springs who was taking issue with something my older son wrote. Jonathan (who left Ohio over a year ago)had mentioned the town in a bulk e-mail he used to send out called "droppin knowledge," and I put the piece on the writing section of my website just because I thought it was cute, and showed off what a good writer he is (yep, I'm not above some maternal bragging. :))

Jonny started out generously complimenting Yellow Springs on its spirit and atmosphere, saying, "The easy going nature of the inhabitants was infectious, and always put a smile on my face. I always thought that Yellow Springs was the epitome of quirky cool."

He went on, though, to express his disappointment at seeing a cheesey TV ad for the village: "Since when does Yellow Springs have to play that way? Yellow Springs is cool enough that the people that are too blind to realize that they should give HaHa Pizza or Moody Shoes a try don't deserve the prodding of a 30 second late afternoon television commercial. Yellow Springs advertising on TV is like Neil Young allowing his tour to be sponsored by Mountain Dew Code Red, it just doesn't fly. I would still love Neil if he accepted a sponsorship, but I wouldn't respect him as much, and I don't respect Yellow Springs as much."

Corinne's e-mail to me was gracious, but she clearly disagreed: "I find it hard to imagine the business owners came to any agreement together to pool enough money for such an ad LOL! Seriously I can't believe one ad by somebody (maybe it was roger hart who owns kings yard) would make you lose respect for yellow springs. come on now! the place still has its old spirit (just look what happened when the klan tried to have a wee march here a few months back) earth rose is still plodding along selling the same old great stuff, and village artisan's (of which I am a newish member) are still hanging in there in the old winds cafe location. And as much as you think it awful, if that ad brought people into town christmas time, well nice, coz I tell you some of us can barely pay the rent during the winter months. I am not looking to make lots of money, I just LOVE being able to show my work in such a great old building in such a wonderful little commminity, but we do need (NEED) some customers happening during the winter months in order to survive."

I quickly responded that the article was tongue-in-cheek, and that my son still thinks Yellow Springs is great. Corinne responded with another gracious e-mail that even gave me some recommendations on places to go next time I visit. I don't believe my husband and I have ever actually stopped in Yellow Springs, but next time I go, I definitely plan to grab a bite to eat at the Winds Cafe. Thanks, Corinne!

Back from the Lone Star State...

Well, I'm back to the old grind after a few days in God's Country. :)

I flew out of O'Hare Friday to spend a few days with my mom, who had just had double knee replacement surgery the day before. My sister Bev is staying with her for the next few weeks of recuperating. It will be a long, tough road to recovery, but I fully believe my mom will come through with flying colors. For such a little lady, she can be so strong and determined. She does need prayer, though, especially since she is going through this so soon after my dad's passing (on July 28th.)

It's something she's had to put off for quite a while, though, so we're all happy that she's been able to have the surgery and will ultimately be able to reap the benefits.

My visit was wonderful. I got to spend some quality time with my son and his wife, and my sisters, and as always it was wonderful to see my brother David's wife and daughter, and my sister Lisa's husband and kids.

Now it's back to work, and time to say goodbye to summer (although the season is officially still here, it's as good as gone), and gear up for hopefully, a beautiful autumn!

Seasons change...

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joy mccarnan | said...

welcome back.
i'm convinced that summers fly faster in rockford.

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