Thursday, September 30, 2004

President Bush rides by my son's house...

Justin, who is a student at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio, had told us Sunday night that the president might be making a drive-by the next day on his way to a rally in Westchester.

Justin happens to live on the main street of Cedarville, smack-dab on the president's route.

I got this bulk e-mail from Justin yesterday, along with a batch of pics of the event:

"... George Bush was traveling by Cedarville on Monday on his way to the big rally in West Chester, Ohio. He was going to stop and give a brief address, but unfortunately a mixture of time and security prevented him from leaving his campaign bus.

"He ended up speaking to the crowds through a speaker as he passed in parade-type fashion, waving his way literally ten feet from the front porch of our house.There was a huge crowd to greet him (not quite as big as West Chester's 50,000)."

"Students skipped classes, adults skipped work, the mayor could have held a town meeting because basically all of Cedarville was there...While it was dissapointing that he didn't get out, it was pretty cool to see him in our quaint, college town driving down the same local street that I drive to school everyday."

Pretty cool, indeed.

By the way, I'll be watching the debate tonight, and literally hoping the best man
will win.

A whole lot of bloggin' goin' on...

For the first time, I submitted one of my posts to the Christian Carnival XXXVII. Apparently the Carnival is hosted by a different blogger every week, and this time it's at InterolerantElle.

I submitted InshaAllah, my recent post featuring a moving e-mail from my brother David, who is training Iraqi police officers in Jordan.

Looks like there are a lot of good reads there, which I plan to check out as time permits. Among them: my friend Rodney, who happens to be an Australian who is a radio personality, with a post about the Church of England trying to come up with novel ways to lure people back to church.

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joydriven said...

I went to high school with Aaron Mahl, who is on staff in Admissions at Cedarville, and who blogs from Friendly Confines. I haven't seen Aaron in maybe ten years, though blogging and email has reunited old friends. He also kept in touch with my brother a bit when Josh was an admissions counselor at BJU.

My cousin Clay is now a freshman at CU, following in his father's footsteps. Small world. =)

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