Friday, September 10, 2004

I love Friday!!!!

And once again, I take the Friday Feast quiz. Go ahead and answer the questions with me, in my comments section, or on your own blog!


What movie soundtracks do you own?--OK, let me think. "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", "When Harry Met Sally," "What Women Want," "Sleepless in Seattle," "Something's Gotta Give," "13 Going on 30"...I think that's it. I like soundtracks, though. They're usually a nice mix of songs, and often contain a lot of classic standards and oldies that I love.

How much cash do you usually carry with you?--Very little, unless I just got paid. I think right now I have a grand total of two bucks in my purse, and that mostly in change. (It's always nice for eating at Taco Bell, though. :))

Are you more comfortable around men or women? Why?--Again, it depends. I'm extremely comfortable around close women friends and women I'm related to. But in work situations, I don't know why, I tend to be more comfortable around men. Probably because I work in an extremely male-dominated profession.

Main Course
What is the most mischievous thing you remember doing as a child?--Wow. I can't remember doing anything really mischievous. I was a fairly serious child who was anxious to please and never wanted to make waves. I had a happy childhood, but "mischievous" is just not a word that could be applied to me.

Who is the funniest member of your family?--That would have to be a tie between my sons Jonathan and Justin. They are both just really, really funny. I love being around either or both of them because they make me laugh so much.

RiverHawks Rule!!!

Our local Frontier League team the Rockford RiverHawks, could become Rockford's first professional baseball champion since the 1950 Rockford Peaches tonight. The Hawks play the East Division champion Evansville Otters tonight at Marinelli Field.

My husband Doug is the team's chaplain, and my daughter Elizabeth works at the stadium, so they have been avid Hawks fans all season long. And I'll tag along tonight, my fairweather fan-ness in full bloom. I mostly want them to win for Doug and Liz's sakes, but it will be a nice little boost for the whole city if they're victorious. Of course, if they lose tonight, they'll still have up to three more chances to win the Frontier League championship. Go, RiverHawks!

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joy mccarnan | said...

cindy, maybe you'd like the soundtrack from Fried Green Tomatoes. one side is oldies and the other side's more like spirituals. i own the soundtrack. i burned the book in my back yard. i love the movie.

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