Monday, December 15, 2003

Saddam caught like the rat he is...

I was getting ready for church Sunday morning, a Christmas CD providing background music, when my husband came up the stairs fresh from his shower with the words: "Have you heard the news? They captured Saddam Hussein!"

I responded with a classic jaw-dropping. Just total, stunned surprise. Next, I turned on the TV and found Fox News right away. We watched, in amazement, the first raw videotape of a doctor poking and prodding around in the mouth,ears and hair of the man responsible for so much death and destruction.

He looked wild-eyed, wild-haired, disheveled and dirty...a pathetic mess. I can't imagine a much more degrading image for someone who once strutted his pride, tyranny, defiance and cruelty on the world scene.

We must now wait and see just how much of an effect Saddam's capture will have on the war on terror. But I'm sure I'm not alone in taking immense satisfaction in knowing that one of history's most heinous villains is now under lock and key.

'Tis the season of the inflatable snowman???

I'm not imagining it...inflatable Christmas decorations appear to be the hottest holiday decorating trend this year. Just drive down any street in your neighborhood and you're likely to see more than one blown-up snowman, Santa or teddy bear grinning at you.

A Google search quickly turned up this article by Jura Koncius, which says: "Forget icicle lights, pre-lit wire deer and illuminated spiral trees. The outdoor decoration that is blowing away the competition this year is the giant holiday inflatable."

Apparently a lot of retailers are saying they can barely keep the inflatables in stock...and Target Stores spokewoman Paula Thornton-Greer is quoted as saying, "Inflatables are one way that people can instantly make any yard look professionally decorated without breaking the bank."

They really are kinda cute. The inflatables are powered by small plug-in fan motors, and held down by tethers and spikes. However, from what I've seen, they're not immune to toppling over. I've got to admit I have to grin when I see a jolly Frosty, face down in the snow. :)

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