Thursday, December 18, 2003

Life continues its frenetic headlong rush toward Christmas and the wedding...

Today is going to be a busy day. I have to go to Bergner's and see if the dress I want for the wedding is still there, and if it's not, I have to go to the two other Bergner's stores and see if it's there. And if it's not, I have to find another dress that I will like anywhere near as well.

This is the first time I will have been the Mother of the Groom...or actually, the Mother of Anyone Who Is Getting Married. I want to look my best if at all possible, you know what I mean? And this is a really...really pretty dress. Yes, it's going to cost more than I normally spend on a dress, although it IS on sale (I never buy anything not on sale!) and I do have a 30 dollar gift certificate to Bergner's that will alleviate the price somewhat.

Goodness, I do hope that dress is there.

I also have to go to the grocery store and get the ingredients for the thing I'm supposed to bring to my husband's staff Christmas party tonight (a relish tray.) Hopefully I'll find a lot of stuff to fill the relish tray that WON'T require hours of chopping vegetables. Baby carrots, pickles, olives and crackers, here I come!

One thing I DID manage to get done, that is something of a minor miracle, is get my Christmas cards mailed. I was quite pleased with the way our family picture turned out. No, it's not from a major portrait studio or anything like that. Basically, a friend took them. But I thought they turned out nice, and the price was right. If I can ever get access to a scanner again, I'll post one here. The one on my sidebar is from a year ago, before Daylyn really figured into our family. I was happy that we could all manage to pose together at some point before Christmas.

Wow, are stamps expensive now, or what?

I love GETTING Christmas cards. How nice, to have a time of year where you get more than bills and advertising in your mailbox.

Michael Jackson turns to Islam

No, I won't post a pic of him. We've all seen that sad mug shot of his enough...the pasty white make-up,half- confused deer-in-the-headlights expression (albeit a deer wearing black eyeliner and lipstick.) It's sad, and appalling...when did that adorable little boy, then goodlooking young man, turn into this oddity?

Now, the latest news...that Jacko is converting to Islam. I seem to remember that he and his family have pretty much been devout Jehovah's Witnesses heretofore, so Michael now trades one distortion of God's truth for another.

I don't despise Michael Jackson, and I won't go out on a limb and trumpet his doesn't look good, in my humble opinion. I do think he's a prime example of a man whose fame, fortune and talents have failed to bring him real joy and peace.

There's only one Person who can give him that.

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