Monday, December 08, 2003

Feeling a little "farklempt" (Yiddish for choked-up and emotional)...

Jonathan and Daylyn leave today, after a lovely four and a half days here. I've enjoyed them so much! They now go their separate ways before meeting again in Boise a few days before The Wedding.

^Daylyn and Jonathan^

I've never been a mother of the groom before, so this is all unchartered territory for me. I'm nervous about a lot of things...will we get there OK? (The road trip is going to be a long one, and bad weather could really ruin it). Will we blow our one big responsibility, the rehearsal dinner? Reservations have been made for it...just hoping it goes smoothly and the food is good. We chose from a list of places Daylyn gave us. Will Liz's dress turn out good? Will I find a dress? Will I look OK? (Pictures will record everything for posterity, of course!) Will Jon and Daylyn be safe when they drive a van and U-haul from Boise to Texas after the wedding?

Wow...lots of fodder for prayer there.

One good thing...the shower was lovely.

Anyway...I seem to be living on the edge of tears lately, for some reason. Well, I guess it's not so hard to understand. My firstborn is taking one of the biggest steps of his life, and my father is near the end of his. It's all a lot to digest.

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