Friday, December 12, 2003

Now you can listen to my interview with Jeri Massi!

Jeri has converted my radio interview with her, about her outstanding "Valkyries" novels, to an MP3 file. (It's 16 minutes long and is about 15 MB.) You can click here to listen to the interview. If that's not possible for you, you can click on the links on my sidebar to read excerpts from the interview.

You can also read my review of Valkyries if you like.

Folks, I'm the kind of person who won't waste time reading a book that doesn't interest me, and I literally couldn't put "Valkyries" down. The books (there are two of them) are riveting.

Hope you'll be able to listen to the interview.

By the way, Jeri got some good news about "Valkyries" recently. This from a bulk e-mail she sent:

"I received a letter from my publisher yesterday telling me that VALKYRIES: Some Through the Fire (Volume One of the two volume set) has been submitted as a nominee for the Christy Awards. If you're not into Christian religious fiction, the Christy Awards are our annual book awards for books published in the previous year in the USA. Finalists are announced in May, and the winners are announced at the end of June."

Great job, Jeri!

Some interesting comments on this phenomena we call "blogging"

Clarence left some comments here about what I understand is called "genetic memory"...the only way I can explain the strong pull I experience to all things Celtic. Clarence agreed with me, saying he experiences similar feelings when hearing music related to his own ancestry.

His comments led me to check out his blog, "Can You Hear Me Now?" He has some great thoughts about this blogging phenomena. Why do we do it?

Well, personally, I enjoy it because it's a quick and easy way to get my creativity efficient and enjoyable way to write something and share something that might reach a few people or even touch a few hearts.

Says Clarence: "I read one comment where the author described some Blogs are containing 'daily life GARBAGE.'

"I've got some real news for that person. The details of someone's daily life is NOT garbage. Why do you suppose there is so much interest in the details of daily life for someone living in Iraq? John Q. Citizen, who lives where the conflict is on-going and conveys what they see and hear with their own eyes in the best language they possess is REAL NEWS. They aren't freelance reporters out for some sensational story line. They have no hidden agenda or code to adhere to. They write about what is reality to them, the way they see it."

I agree. I find the daily life musings of people quite fascinating. Maybe it's because, for the most part, I love people and want to hear their story. :)

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