Monday, May 28, 2012

What I Wore: Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm always a bit envious when I look at the blogs of women who thrift so awesomely.  They get steals for a few bucks, and look like a million.

Well, I'm blessed to have a wonderful sister who often gives me clothes.  She says that sometimes she just realizes they weren't right for her, or that the colors would be better suited to me.  I'm more than happy to take them off her hands!

This is the latest outfit she gave me, and I love it!

Jacket:  Steinmart
Sheath: Dillards
Both passed along to me by my sister!

Okay, yes, I took these pictures in the bathroom.  Don't you know a toilet in the background is a mark of great photography? :)

A closer-up view of the jacket.  I'm visiting my family in Texas right now, but I just happened to bring that turquoise necklace with me.  Interestingly enough, my sister gave that to me last year!  The earrings and bracelet are my own.

I got the bracelet at Cato.  The ring was my grandmother's.  Took this one in the car...see my seatbelt? :)

I also brought with me these turquoise shoes I bought last summer for $14.99 at Shoe Carnival.  They're pretty and comfortable too.

But the very best accessory is a cute little grandson!  This is me and Payton (5) at Sunday lunch at Bill Miller's BBQ.

And this is me and Josiah (2).  I'm loving getting to spend time with my adorable grandsons in the Great State of Texas! I always look happiest in pictures with my grandsons.


helen tilston said...

Hello Cindy

The outfit and in particular the jacket and how your have accessorized it is perfect. I agree the degree and temperature of your smile increases enormously in the arms of your beautiful grandchild. I think the feeling is mutual from his smile to you

Helen xx

Katharine said...

Gorgeous! and now I know the mark of great photography!

Anonymous said...

It's a gorgeous outfit and how wonderful to have a sister in a similar size. My own sister is smaller than I am. And, of course, grandchildren ARE the best accessories.

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