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Thoughts on this season's Biggest Loser

Olivia Ward's amazing transformation

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Well, I finally--belatedly--was able to watch the Biggest Loser season finale, and since I've been commenting on it all season long, I thought I'd wrap it up with my final thoughts.

First of all, I am really glad Olivia won! To be honest, the sisters--Hannah and Olivia--weren't my favorites from the beginning. Although I'm all about sisterhood, their giddy comments and "OMG!"s occasionally got on my nerves.

As the season progressed, though, I grew to really admire those two. Their all-out determination and gung-ho attitude and competitive spirits impressed me.

It eventually became clear to me, just in recent weeks, that it was actually Olivia that I wanted to win it all.

I'm sure Hannah is an awesome girl, and kudos to her for all she's accomplished. I think she looked lovely at the finale.

But it just seemed to me that Olivia was a bit more mature, her spirit and attitude a bit more seasoned and balanced. I just felt that she would be a terrific spokeswoman for The Biggest Loser. So I was truly delighted when she won it all.

Olivia on Access Hollywood

Now for just a few random comments about the finale...

...Congrats to Deni for winning the at-home competition! I always thought she was a sweet and lovely lady, and she certainly went the distance at home.

...I read that Rulon was invited to appear at the finale, despite the fact that he had left the show voluntarily and couldn't be part of the at-home competition, but the show's producers never heard back from him. Kinda weird. Rulon was never my favorite, but I would have liked to have seen him again.

...Is trainer Cara pregnant, or has she just been choosing clothes that really emphasize her slightly bulging tummy? My husband pointed it out on one of the last shows, and her dress really emphasized it at the finale, but nothing was said. In fact, it seemed Cara was rather slighted when it came to any attention given to the trainers.

...I've also read that Brett and Cara are not going to be back on the show. When they introducted Anna Kournakova, I assumed she would be replacing Jillian but that the new trainers would be back. Bummer. I really grew to like Brett and Cara.

...Random question...why do the returning female contestants feel the need to dress as skimpily as possible? I know they're proud to show off their new bodies, but some of them should realize that everything isn't worthy of being displayed. In fact, some of the dresses can be downright unflattering. (By the way, I'm not talking about Olivia or even Hannah here--they looked amazingly toned in their dresses.)

For example, some of them just don't have pretty legs--do you really need to display them in a miniskirt? And when trying on those strapless dresses, shouldn't the question "How is this going to make my arms look while I'm waving to the audience?" be one to consider?

Don't get me wrong, I totally applaud these women for accomplishing something that is VERY difficult, and I can understand their justifiable pride in their new bodies. I'm just saying, maybe they don't need to bare quite as much as they do. End of mini-rant. :)

Still one of my faves

All in all, despite its excesses, audience manipulation and sometimes manufactured drama, The Biggest Loser remains one of my very favorite shows. I love the transformations that take place. I get inspired by the hard work and dedication of the contestants. I end up truly caring about the participants.

I already can't wait until the next season!


Katharine said...

Me too... to all of the above! I hoped you were going to post about the finale. I am with you on all of it. I also wondered if Cara was pregnant and if Anna would be taking her place. Is Jillian really leaving? I very much enjoyed the show even though I often wonder how wise it is to have such a sudden transformation!

Unknown said...

Hi there :)

I haven't seen this particular season (some are shown on British TV, some not) but I did read about Olivia's amazing weight loss in the media this week....nice to see a female winner too since very often men win!! She was obviously very focused and looks fantastic!!

I have always really liked Jillian - I was surprised to read Anna K is taking her place, is that really true? I can't quite see it myself. Jillian is a hard one to replace tho.

BL is a great show, inspiring and entertaining :)

Enjoy the long week-end :)

Gosfam said...

Loved how it ended. Olivia was my choice!! I have to agree about dresses that showed their arms. That was the first thing I noticed. I know my arms aren't toned, but I cover em up :) I was wondering the same thing about Cara being prego, and a disappointed that they won't be returning. Ana and Bob just don't seem to compete with Jillian so I hope they add more. I have to say I was slightly underwhelmed by some of the at home transformations. I felt like this year more than others the at home group didn't do as well. They all lost a lot of weight and definitely looked better than when they started but I think some that left the show didn't lose much after leaving. I guess it shows how hard things can be in REAL LIFE. Wow I talked alot :)

Cindy Swanson said...

Yes Gosfam, I should've pointed arms are definitely not worthy of baring, and I don't!!! :)

Ashley said...

I noticed Cara's pudgy tummy, too, and wondered why she chose to wear a shiny red dress to draw attention to it. Maybe she doesn't see it...? Anyway, I thought Allison said Anna K. would be joining Bob and Bret and Cara next season. Guess I need to go back and watch that part again - or at least search the 'net. If Cara is pregnant, maybe that's why she won't be back...?

I agree about some of the contestants needing to cover a little more of their bodies. One of the ladies waved from the scales and her underarm flab just waved and waved along with her. My husband exclaimed, "Please stop! And why would you do that?!?" :o)

Irene looked great, but she looked really uncomfortable in her dress. Hannah looked wonderful and I really liked her, but I'm so glad Olivia won. They became my favorites on into the show.

As for the contestants who went home... Dan and Don looked amazing - and I was really surprised at how much they had both lost since they went home so early and didn't seem too excited about the program. Austin was one of my favorites and I was so glad to see he had done so much! I thought for sure he had the $100K in the bag. Then... Deni! Wow! She looked amazing, too! Very impressive! And then Justin! Oh my goodness! I didn't recognize him! He was soooooo close to beating Deni, but he didn't quite make it. I think he had the most amazing transformation of the guys.

Great season! Great finale!

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