Thursday, May 05, 2011

13 of my favorite TV characters of all time

I'm delving into the archives of Notes in the Key of Life to participate in the Thursday Thirteen meme! This was originally posted in September of 2008, so you'll see references to some shows which were airing then, but are no longer on.

What are YOUR favorite TV characters? Let me know in my comments section! no particular order (and yes, some of these go waaaay back...)

--Lisa on "Green Acres," played by Eva Gabor...she was so ditzy and quirky, she cracked me up.

--Barney, played by Don Knotts, on "The Andy Griffith Show." Need you even ask why?

--The Virginian (I don't think they ever gave his name), played by James Drury, on "The Virginian." know, the strong, silent type

--Al, played by Dean Stockwell, on "Quantum Leap." Not sure why...I just really liked him.

--Phyllis, played by Cloris Leachman, on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." She made an art form out of being snobby and clueless at the same time.

--Herman Munster on "The Munsters," played by Fred Gwynne. Again, he was just funny...and he had that great, deep voice. The thought of monster as lovable goof...

--Emily, played by Suzanne Pleshette, on "The Bob Newhart Show." She was just a cool character...a pleasure to watch.

--David Addison, played by Bruce Willis, on "Moonlighting." His smart-aleck wise-cracking kept me watching, and promised his future stardom.

--Rob Petrie, played by Dick Van Dyke, on "The Dick Van Dyke Show." Again, no explanation needed--he's a legend.

...and more recently...

--Hugo "Hurley," played by Jorge Garcia, on "Lost." Hurley's down-to-earth sense of humor is one of the things that keeps the show from spiraling into inaccessible weirdness.

Dr. Jack Shepherd, played by Matthew Fox, on "Lost." I know a lot of viewers don't care for Jack, but I think he's the heart and soul of the show.

--Peter Petrelli, played by Milo Ventimiglia, on "Heroes." His basic goodness and likeability make him immensely appealing. For me, there could be no show without Peter.

--Hank, played by Fred Ewanuick, on "Corner Gas." He's just so likably goofy!


Kori said...

I loved quantum leap! So much fun!

By the way--have you heard that my 1st novel is being released on tomorrow?! Check it out on my blog! Have a wonderful Cinco De Mayo honey! Kori xoxo

Allie Von Trapp said...

What a great post!

I enjoy Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern from MTM, Jim Halpert from The Office, Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls, and Topanga on Boy Meets World! :)

Pearl said...

check your link: there's a typo in the link at th-13. or else blogger coughed.

yeah, Al from Quantum Leap was fun. wish there was a show like that now.

Janet said...

loved Don Knotts, Herman Munster, Rob Petrie, and Hurley :-) Nice post!

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