Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Biggest Loser Update

I've got to say, this show always know how to throw you a curve ball!

First of all, I was interested to see how Courtney and Jen would do when they lost that pop challenge and had to spend a week off the ranch.

Jen was so sure they wouldn't need a trainer, and that they just needed to put into use all the things they'd been taught to do in their time on the ranch.

The price of having their trainer for one day WAS a bit steep--200 dollars, and they only had a thousand to work with. However, as my hubby pointed out, they could have given up a few luxuries and at least had their trainer for a couple of days.

At weigh-in time, we saw that their lack of a trainer probably bit them in the behind. Courtney lost 2 pounds, Jen none at all...which ended up sending her home.

Olivia found the Golden Egg in the Easter egg hunt challenge...but instead of it being immunity or something as terrific, it was the lone vote in the weigh-in. Did you think Rulon of the black team would be the one to go home? I sure did...and honestly, after we saw that he wasn't giving 100 per cent in the diet area, I thought maybe he deserved to go.

But no, Rulon gets a reprieve, and Jen goes home. As we saw in her follow-up, she's doing fantastic.

I'm just glad Courtney didn't go home. I firmly believe she needs to be there as long as possible, and I'm wishing her all the best.

By the way, I'm getting used to Brett and Cara, and now it feels like they really belong on the show.

Oh, and I just have one question. WHEN WILL THEY GET THEIR MAKE-OVERS!!!???

How about you? Do you have a favorite contestant...a least favorite? Let me know in my comments section!


Gosfam said...

I can't wait for the makeovers!! I actually was glad to see Jen go home. I love Rulon--I remember watching him at the olympics so I am rooting for him to lose more weight. I love Moses, Courtney, and Olivia, I liked Justin too and was sad to see him go. I just love Biggest Loser in general and like rooting for everyone. I also like Brett and Cara--they are great, but I think I will always be a BOB fan :)

Deanna said...

the biggest loser is pretty much the only reality show that i get into. i used to be a bigger gal, and lost 65 pounds 6 years ago, so this show is definitely an inspiration to me. :)

makeover week is always my favorite!

i really think courtney is my favorite contestant this season. she has worked so hard!

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