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From the Archives: The "I'd Rather" Ladder

My dream car

(Note: I originally posted this on June 12, 2009, but it's still a fun idea--if you have a blog, play along--or even put it in your Facebook notes!)

Got this from my friend Jeremy on Facebook the other day, and thought it would be fun to do here. I can't resist these goofy quizzes!

THE EVER GROWING SURVEY! INSTRUCTIONS Given the choices, which would you rather do? Answer honestly and quickly. After you answer the current three choices given, think of and add FIVE choices of three to the survey. Then tag the person back who sent this to you and tag one new person as well. Let's see how much we can make this survey grow! To take and grow The "I'd Rather..." Ladder challenge, copy and paste this note as a new note and replace with your own choices and answers)

1. Conan O'Brien or Jay Leno or Neither

2. People's Court or Judge Judy or Neither

3. Skinny Dipping w/ Friends or All Out Water Fight or Neither
Uh, neither!

4. Fall Nights or Spring Mornings or Neither
Spring mornings

5. Board Games or Truth or Dare or Neither
Board games

6. French Fries or Tater Tots or Hashbrowns
Actually, I'd rather have a baked or sweet potato!

7. Watching movies at home or Clubbing with friends or Playing pool at the local dive
Watching a Movie

8. Suit or Jeans and a tee or nothing at all
Those are the only options???

9. Blondes or Brunettes or Red heads
On who? When my hubby had hair, it was blond, so I guess I'll go with that :)

10. Ford or Chevy or Dodge
No preference here. My dream car is the Chrysler 300.

11. Camping or Hotel or Neither
Hotel...DEFINITELY. Got to have my modern conveniences!

12. Coffee or Tea or Neither
Actually, both. Gotta have my morning coffee, but love to indulge in a lovely cup of tea.

13. Farm Town or YoVille or Neither

14. CNN or FOX NEWS or Neither
Fox News

15. Kris Allen or Danny Gokey or Neither
Go Go GOKEY!!!!

16. Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Segal or Neither

17. PC or Mac or Neither
I've never used a Mac but would love to...everyone says they're wonderful

18. Be Up Too Early or Be Up Too Late or Neither
Up too late--although that rarely happens

19. Christmas or 4th of July or Neither
I love both--can't decide!

20. Tan Lines or No Tan Lines or Doesn't Matter
How about no tan at all?

21. Qdoba or Chipotle or Neither
Chipotle's OK, but you can't beat TexMex like Chuy's

22. Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink or The Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles

23. Vanilla or Chocolate or Neither
Chocolate...without a doubt!

24. Flip flops or sneakers or Neither
Flip flops

25. Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat or Neither
Oatmeal...especially the maple and brown sugar variety

26. Comedy or Action or Drama
How about romantic comedy? That's my favorite

27. Sunday Comic Strips or Comic Books or Neither

28. Superman or BatMan or Wonder Woman
Batman, especially if played by Christian Bale!

29. BBQ Ribs or Grilled Chicken or Grilled Steak
Grilled Steak

30. Single Life or Married Life or I Wish I Had a Life
Definitely married

31. Live in the Artic Circle or Siberia or Minnesota
Please, none of the above!

32. Rootbeer or Banana or Cherry Popsicle

33. Step in Dog Poop or Chewing Gum or A Dead Squirrel While Barefoot
Uh, none of the above!

34. The Smell of Flowers or Coffee or Bread Baking in the Oven
A toss-up betweent the coffee and the bread...both tantalizing fragrances!

35.Be Blind or Be Deaf or Missing an Arm
Goodness! Please, none of the above.

36. HERO'S or LOST or Neither
Lost, of COURSE!

37. Double Mint or Spearment or Juicy Fruit
Juicy Fruit...although my favorite these days is Orbit Bubblemint

38. MilkyWay or Snickers or Three Musketeers
Three Musketeers has always been my favorite

39. Jim Carrey or Robin Williams or Neither
Jim Carrey...if he's not being TOO over the top

40. Double Bubble or Super Bubble or The OLD Hubba Bubba (80's)
Super Bubble...although, see 37

OK, here's my five extra:

41. Shower or bath or neither?
Depends...usually prefer showers in the summer or when I really need to be woken up; baths for luxurious soaking.

42. Coke or Pepsi or neither?
Used to be a Coke girl all the way, but I don't drink any kind of pop now that I know I'm Type 2 diabetic. I do miss the occasional ice cold can of real Coke!

43. Crunchy or creamy peanut butter or neither?

44. Chicago Bears or Green Bay Packers or neither?
Sorry Wisconsinites, I have to go with the Bears!

45. White bread or wheat, or neither?
Wheat or multi-grain...the healthier the better!

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