Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thirteen Things to Tell You About

Cheryl Hines and Luke Wilson in "Henry Poole Is Here"

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--Christian film critics are praising the movie Henry Poole Is Here for its strong faith message. From Plugged In Online: "Henry Poole Is Here may be the official name of the movie, but it contains an unwritten subtitle: Jesus Is Here, Too."

--Come on, you know you've always wanted to look like former American Idol contestant Sanjaya! Here's a website where you can actually Sanjaya-ize yourself. (Mmm...I'll pass.) That boy is reaaalllllyyyy stretching out his 15 minutes of fame...

--Remember those foods you loved when you were a kid, but now you think they taste terrible? Apparently they're called pixifoods.

--Beliefnet's Idol Chatter blog is giving away five copies of Rebecca St James new book, Purity: a 90-Day Devotional for the Mind, the Body and The Spirit.

--Speaking of Aussies...apparently a good luck call from Nicole Kidman helped the Australian sailing team win a gold medal in the Olympics.

--What? There's not enough liberty in China to allow free Bibles to be handed out? More here.

--So Jessica Simpson is hawking beer now.

--I don't know about you, but I think it's truly kind of Donald Trump to give the downtrodden Ed McMahon a helping hand. Although reportedly a second buyer is now interested in buying McMahon's home.

--An avid surfer makes a case for Christian environmentalism (hat tip to

--I just finished The Brontes: Charlotte Bronte and Her Family by Rebecca Fraser, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought I knew pretty much everything about the Brontes, but Fraser provided a fresh take on the subject...fascinating for a Bronte-phile like myself.

--A happy moment for Steven Curtis Chapman's little girls: a Jonas Brothers concert.

--With her "Always Sisters" conferences, gospel singer CeCe Winans is focused on empowering youth.

--Interesting: Rachel Motte's take, at The Evangelical Outpost, on the Saddleback candidates forum.


Ann-Marie said...

Nicole Kidman seems like a genuinely nice person. I remember when she and Keith Urban got married. Their house was surrounded by paparazzi. It was really hot, and everyone was in a bad mood, but Keith and Nicole sent out refreshments and said, "Thanks for the good wishes!"

I mean, I think she seems to try to keep herself grounded. Which must be difficult if you're like, one of the most beautiful women in the world. Not that I'd know, of course.

P.S. - Do you think SCC is going to get heat for going to a JoBro concert?

Kay Day said...

I can't think of a food I liked as a kid that I don't like now. I can think of a lot that I don't eat because they are terrible for me, but I still would like to.

I can think of more food that I didn't like then, but I do like now.

Oh, wait. My mom told me I used to like beets, but I can't stand them now.

Smilingsal said...

As I looked down your wonderfully informative list, Jessica Simpson was the one who caught my eye. I clicked and discovered that she's part owner of the vitamin-enhanced beer!

Vitamin-enhanced beer? Will it help make the drunk healthier?

Solameanie said...

Cindylou and all, check this link out. It's a website for all that wonderful candy and pop that you thought was obsolete and not made anymore. I found it last year and loved it! And yes, they have Necco wafers.

Solameanie said...

BTW on Sanjaya, can you imagine him with an Afro? If he stood on the horizon it would look like a dark mushroom cloud.

Randy said...


I'm no tree-hugger but I do have to admit I am an enviromentalist to a large degree.

I feel that in the US we have such a consumer mentality that it squanders our natural resources. Yes, I like Don Henley's music and maybe he goes a bit far with his Walden works, but...I'd rather side with saving our planet than destroying it for the sake of greed.

It's a tough call though. There are certain resources we have to use but to what extent and amount?
I don't drive an SUV, however, I don't agree with the "rabid" enviromentalists that drive them, then hop on airliners that burn fuel and drink out of their plastic Aquafina bottles to go preach their brand of saving the environment. A little common sense goes a long way.

Plus, these same "rabid" individuals will abhor the killing of seals (I do too) but they think it's okay to kill an unborn child.
And, so goes the show. (This happens to be a new phrase I'm stuck on!)

Be well,


Randy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Randy said...


BTW, It was a horrible thing that happened to the Chapman family.Personally I think SCC and MaryBeth are fine examples of reaching out with their resources to build a family. That's the personal side.

Now, the caveat. I'm saddened though at the lack of true creativity in modern CCM. The "machine" has truly taken over. Plus the secular giants didn't help by buying into CCM and turning it into a watered-down industry. SCC's greatest work in my opinion was "More To This Life." But when he started doing that "Dancing With The Dinosaur" cotton candy, that's when enough was enough for me. Again, I repeat, SCC is a wonderful man, I believe, a Godly Christian and has many moorings. However, once the machine gets their claws in, watch out.

That's why we have so much of this modern junk being passed off as authentic CCM. I'm sure glad that Rich Mullins never caved in to that as far as I know. He was a true originator. Man, I still miss him. I know he fiddled around the whole Papal thing for a short time, but he never did join up. Read, "An Arrow Pointing To Heaven." Finally, I admire SCC for his commitment to God and family, I just wish the machine wasn't so subtle. I don't say this with malice, just a little sad that it had to be that way.


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