Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman and family on GMA

"we're a family with a lot of questions...But that's what faith is. It's living with the questions. That doesn't mean you have the answers. That's exactly what faith is."

Steven Curtis Chapman and his family were on Good Morning America this morning, talking about how the family has dealt with the death in May of 5 year old Maria Sue Chapman. It was a beautiful, faith-affirming, hope-filled story.

You can see it here.

You can also read and comment on the story here (you have to take a moment to sign up, but it's a short process).

The Chapmans are slated to appear on Larry King Live tomorrow, August 7th, at 8 PM Central.


LauraLee Shaw said...

Oh Cindy, Thank you for posting this video link. I've been very busy and did not get to see the show aired. I'm sitting here bawling like a baby. What an incredible testimony, and what an incredibly faithful God we serve.

I know I've said this before, but I love your blog so much and always look forward to a new post.

LauraLee Shaw said...

I had to pass an award on to you on my blog today. Just can't tell you how much I love your ministry.

Juliet said...

Thanks Cindy..I usually don't have my TV on in the morning so I appreciated your attachment to hear part of that program.

Thanks again for your great blog, you do so much with it.

Ann-Marie said...

I've been out of the TV loop, too, Cindy, so I really appreciate the link. They are such an amazing family. It's funny to think how young I was when I started listening to him. (In private of course, I couldn't listen to him at school...well, we did anyway, but don't tell anyone!)

Amy said...

I watched the family on Larry King. It was so powerful. My heart broke for this dear family. My faith was strenghtened as I saw the grace of God shown in their lives.

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