Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Link Love Galore...

New AI judge Kara DioGuardi

...and interesting stuff to tell you...

--There'll be another lady (along with Paula) at the judges table on American Idol next season.

--Pastor Joe Thorn is giving you a chance to give some feedback about sermons (i.e., "When is a sermon too long?"). (Hat tip to A Brick in the Valley.)

--The guy who wrote "Basic Instinct" is now writing about faith and his Damascus Road experience.

--Did you enjoy watching the Olympics this year? Check out Time's photo gallery. (Hat tip to Angela Hunt.)

--"Lost" fans: Michelle Rodriguez will be back this season, at least for one episode. (Probably in someone else's flasback?)

--Thinking about getting an iPhone? After a week of owning one, John Mark Reynolds gives us five things about the iPhone.

--From Stuff Christians Like: Always sitting in the same seat at church. (And yes, I confess...I usually sit in the very same spot.)

--Now Face North: Apparently cows...and deer...tend to align themselves in north-south directions.

--An Italian priest has backed out of his online beauty pageant for nuns.

--Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee wants you to video blog on September 30th. I'm going to try!


Ann-Marie said...

Omigoodness! I KNOW Joe Thorn! He and my husband were ont he same dorm floor at Moody. How cool is that! Small world. Anyway, thanks for the link love - I'll check 'em out!

Juliet said...

Glad to know that American Idol will have another women on board...making it even.

Ashley said...

I got an iPhone last week and I have to agree with everything in that post. It's wonderful, but you do have to watch your battery power when you use it a lot. I love it!

And yes, we sit in basically the same seat at church and Sunday school. It's surprising how unnerved I become when I get there late and have to sit somewhere else! Sometimes we choose to sit on the other side of the sanctuary during the worship service because more people from our class are on that side, but we always, always sit on the same side in Sunday school. Last week I was late and had to sit on the other side and I felt totally out of place! Too funny!

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